Ultraviolet Lyrics

After laughing at the stars the time
arrives to coincide with all the chaos and
the sparks of when two worlds collide
And it's been hours now ; feels like
days. We've been hours now, in these waves.
We've been phased We've been
alchemized...Melted, liquified and dried
and left to crystallize.
And it's been hours now ; feels like
days. We've been hours now in these waves
We've been phased...

Yesterday Goodbye
It's unclear why we have to wait.
One more day in here, and it could be too
And all this time has passed us by,
kissing yesterday 'goodbye'. Yesterday
flies by.
Senses multiply. We have seventeen
where we had only five. And all this time
has passed us by... kissing yesterday

It doesn't hurt me when you pull my
strings... My purse, my heart, guitar
and everything. These demands are slowly
turning me into something of a tragedy /
My house is your house, my life is
mine. My car is your car but my mind
is mine, all mine. This is where I draw
the line it's all mine.
What you want, well you just
can't have. What you want is your
life's worth. it drifts around in the
universe and rockets backwards to the

My hallucination, every drug that I
need. I love you for your beauty. I love you
for the books you read. I watch you laze
in the sun, I watch your head come
undone ; you smile ; the man and child with
bee-stung lips where my tongue trips and
curls and you kiss like a girl.
It frees me... frees me from the freeze.
And with the liberation everything's
taken higher ; And every complication,
another spark for the fire. You're nothing
more than eighteen but you are more than
you seem to be. You'll win me with pale
white hands and soft demands and ways
to set the days ablaze.
it frees me from the freeze...
You're like a favourite saint kept
alive in prayer and paint. One looked a
lot like you... saucer-eyed and stoned
and out of the blue.

Things He Told Her
He came with his mystic tricks...
Exchanged for a crucifix. Those things he
said would come true , she don't know
if she'd like them to.
And now it's ten years on with
several layers of youth and beauty gone
And now she's ten years older, hanging on
to the things he told her.
If she's good, will it still occur?
Those things that he said would be. She
can't wait for Eternity.
And now it's ten years on with every
shred of faith it's dead and gone And
now she's ten years older, hanging on to
the things he told her...
Dont blame the illusionist for those
mouths that you should've kissed

The sacred and the scared align and
call on me to break the ballerina's spine.
My heart has fallen where he lands, when
he lands.
The sound of every word you said hit
like a wave of infra red... I'd really like
to stay but I've got to go home, alone.
Summer came and summer went while
we contrived to re-invent the scene serene.
The sound of every word you said hit
like a wave of infra red ; I'd really like to
Frosted glass the window stains your
face and shattered ice becomes kaleidoscopes
of colour, taste and sound and turns the
ground into the liquid of the sea, the
liquid friction of the see-saw swaying,
drugged among the shards of splintered
snow to where the ultraviolet rays stain
the whiteness of your skin where wheels
of white light shine and spin towards the
essence of the end, then re-beginning
in slow-motion... slow-motion...

I Don't Know
I know he called me yesterday to
say all the things that he wants to
say He walks he talks, he reads my
thoughts and he's real when the sun distorts.
He spend the weekend half asleep
and dream where the sleep is deepest. We
walk we talk, reveal our thoughts and
we reel when the circuit shorts
Is this all that we need ? I don't know.
Is this all that we see ? I don't know.
Nevermore is just a while and far away
is a thousand miles. Years are light
but dark the night and everybody's
saying it'll be alright.

Dream Butcher
Did you know that plastic men use blood
in their fountain pens...tell you how they're
on your team and seem to mean it ?
Please don't believe all you hear.
Now that you're clothed and you've been
fed, here comes the candle to light you to bed.
How that you've gained your higher ground,
here come the butcher to cut you..
Down an out and in a state of "easy
to manipulate" : Take the cash and learn to
crawl... Small-print smiler smiles while
his knives never show.
Big wheels see you're on your own in
green fields. Fat the calf the butcher laughs a
loud mouth watering, slaughtering your
Work it out... can you afford to sell
your Self for small reward and only
have yourself to blame ? - Shame on

Some Finer Day
Ride on the storm I made. I glide on
the ashes of the sky. My blue raincoat
makes me say 'No' today. Hey, when
does weather ever change
Some finer day, say things go my
way ; some finer day, I'll play your
sunshiny girl (irony!)
Ride the mercury with me see how
unpredictable it feels. Red this shelter,
where we fell to the ground Found out
the weather never changed
Some finer day...I'll play your
sunshiny girl... And brighten up my
world with sunflowers and book I have
burned and see what you want me to
see and I'll be what you want me to

Blindfolded Visionary
Cut my hair with a kitchen knife, he
was a blindfolded visionary. Everything
and nothing was going on in his precious
head, overfed on ;
Chemicals and conversation
A speeding train without a station
Crashed at my event-horizon
Feeling for the switch to turn his eyes on.
And in the news, they have to say he is a
blinfolded visionary. I scrape the clouds
of rouge from his face and he's white as

Outshine The Sun
Is it fair to say the world's gone bad ?
Is it fair to say that we've been had ? I'm
thinking it over, think it over again.
This is the time to set the world alight.
This is the time to set the world to right. We're
taking advantage of a rumour we started.
I'm losing the feeling.
My life is losing its meaning.
He shines so hard. There's nowhere to run.
He blinds, his mind outshines the sun.
Imagine what he could become He's only
begun to outshine the sun.
When the gods are shaken from the
sky, there's a scientific reason why.
There's no wish to replace them and no-one's
rushing in to win the race to fill the empty