All About Eve Lyrics

Flowers in our Hair
Where have the flowers gone sun-children
Your shirts are loud and your hair is long
Now do you ever think we'll make it
something more than a uniform

And we're almost there
We learn to love and we learn to give
and we earn the flowers in our hair

Where has the vision gone sun-children
Colors glow but your eyes are closed
I swear I still believe we'll make it
In your eyes I see your soul

And we're almost there
We learn to love and we learn to give
And we earn the flowers in our hair my friend
So take my hand
One day is always too far away

I wish we had the hearts of children
Their eyes are wide and their love is pure
But we only dare to say ``please love me''
at the seventh glass of wine

Gypsy Dance
Leave me here where I can do no wrong
It is night-time and their fires burn
All that matters here is song and dance
It is my time and their hearts, they burn

In a circle, in a ring
Gypsy dance, gypsy sing
Gypsy dance to the tambourine
in fields of green

Promises of fate and destiny
Old woman-- I don't want to know
Anything tomorrow brings will be
When this hour is yesterday's ghost
In the Clouds
Bright in flames, they're melting with the snow
Precious wishes, heavenwards they go
Secrets keep, no-one need ever know

When you're in the clouds
You're just a breath away

Painted words are whispered, it's no prayer
Whispering words are drifting like the snow
Martha's Harbour
I sit by the harbour
The sea calls to me
I hide in the water
But I need to breathe

You are an ocean wave, my love
Crashing at the bow
I am a galley slave, my love
If only I could find out the way to sail you
Maybe I'll just stow away

I've been run aground
So sad for a sailor
I felt safe and sound
but needed the danger
Every Angel
On our own trip, on our emerald ship we sail away
The ocean holds a thousand tales untold
With this love it's easy come and easy go
Just like the way we were before the fall

I don't see the reason why
every angel must fly
I'm betrayed by the tear in my eye

Hey, angel-- don't be afraid to earth your heart
When I see love descending like a dove
Confusion-- the song you hear the blackbird sing
You fly to the sun and you're going to burn your wings

You're flying too high

Just see the reason why the angel must fly
No more tears in my eye, my eye
We can live in the sky, high
Like Emily
Emily lived in this town
Seems it was getting her down
Filled up a suitcase with clothes
Where she went no-one knows (there she goes)

She didn't wait to explain
She had to rush for her 'plane
She's seen the earth from the sky
And she waved it bye-bye
Bye-bye, love

Oh to be like Emily
Out of sight and really free
Follow your heart she says
Follow the stars she says
She's the girl we'd love to be
Oh to be like Emily

Emily lived on her nerves
Stealing the gold she deserves
Sparkling a thousand fires bright
Like the red sky at night
Headful of crazy ideas
Heartful of rhyme no-one hears
It's up to her to decide
whether she'll seek or hide
Shelter from the Rain
Let me steal away
Here I'm growing pale
Like the leaves decay
as summer fades away
Let me see the rain
Kiss the window pane
'Neath the tree we wait
Rain won't go away

Shelter from the rain
Lightning strikes again
Shelter from the rain
I'll shelter you
If you'll shelter me again

Let me save a flower
I won't let you fade away
So no jealous shower
will wash your blaze away
Let me free to steal
roses while I may
Let me free or else
I might run away
She Moves through the Fair
My young love said to me
``My mother won't mind
And my father won't slight you
for your lack of kind''
And she laid her hand on me
And this she did say
``It will not be long now
'till our wedding day''

And she went away from me
And she moved through the fair
And fondly I watched her
move here and move there
And then she went onwards
Just one star awake
Like the swan in the evening
moves over the lake

Last night she came to me
My dead love came in
So softly she came
Her feet made no din
And she laid her hand on me
And this she did say
``It will not be long now
'Till our wedding day''
Wild Hearted Woman
Baby sings the blues for you
She may get happy later
Baby cries for comfort
For something to surround her

And when she sings it, you believe her
How everyone she ever knew would leave her
spinning 'round
All on fire

Another wild-hearted woman
Another child with the stars in her eyes
A wild-hearted woman
And she's falling

Baby's lost her soul to you
Call her a fallen angel
Stormy weather forever
with every friend a stranger

Lost little girl
in hurricanes of love and pain
Locked in her world
of daisy-chains and love and pain
Trying to find peace of mind
Never Promise (Anyone Forever)
I've been watching the news, and it doesn't feel safe
It seems so far removed from this slumbering place
Cat at the hearth, dog at the door
Restless as sparrows awaiting the dawn
Don't go out tonight, don't leave me alone
It doesn't feel safe in our English home
There's fear in my heart, in my ear a whisper
Are you afraid too, or is it just me?

Never promise anyone forever
I cross my heart and hope to die
You see through the whitest lie
Never promise anyone forever

Where are we travelling to, don't go out tonight
It doesn't feel safe
When I look in the mirror I don't see my face
Shut up our ears to the madness outside
We'll study old photographs and listen to tunes
It's too cold and dark, stay here by the fire
It doesn't feel safe to live with a liar

Understand how you've confused
second-hand with dead
Tell me what am I supposed to do now?
I could cry for a thousand years
Shed a thousand tears
Oh but now I fear you wouldn't believe it
Apple Tree Man
The tree gives me shade
The shade turns to shadow
He turns to speak
The apple tree man
lives in a secret garden
And I held the key

He may be alone with himself
Living in his mind
He may be in love with himself
But what will he do when he finds
he left someone behind
Maybe he let me down

Lullaby baby to sleep
and charm away
Sleep turns to dream
The apple tree man
See him become the sandman
See the cradle fall (I watch it fall)
What Kind of Fool
Can't see the wood
for all of the trees
Can't hear the wind
for the breeze that whispers
Voice in your head
you like what it said
So what can you do
but listen to it?

What kind of fool
lays all that's precious to waste?
What kind of fool
leaves all their treasure to rust
in the rain? They'll need it again
when the sky clears
What kind of fool won't discover the jewel
'til the dust clears?
Fools like us

Fools who want more
than they've treasured before
Wanting the dawn
of the brightest morning
Reach for the stars
'cause they're sweeter by far
than the moon 'though she's brighter
and closer to you
In the Meadow
Girl in a uniform
Grey and white and crisp, clean
How can I live in your world
of strawberry flowers
and colorful hours
Lovingly I dust all the dust on your shelf
Kiss the mirror clean
Where you glance at yourself
I know what to do
Maybe a letter I'll send
from underground and wait to be found out
Lovingly I press out the ink on the page
Carefully I'd scent it
in stock from the meadow

It is dark-- in the meadow

I spill it all as I pour
Red wine will stain-- remember
There's none for the little girl blue
who lives down the stairs
and loves like the stars
But I must not forget
that you are who you are
Lady Moonlight
What am I to do in my darkest hour
Lamplight to light my despair
She has the stars in her eyes
The wind in her hair, my sanctuary
Silent and silver

Shine bright Lady Moonlight

Should I cry, should I weep
My secrets she'll keep
them in her temple
'Neath her veil
She is Isis, she is Guinevere
Sister to the sea
Queen of the night, with the answer
And my heart disbelieves
the myth surrounding Eve
She couldn't know what she was doing