Touched By Jesus Lyrics

Strange Way
Were you looking for a sister
Or looking for your mother ?
I was looking for a love inspired
I didn't need a little brother to hold
When the wind blew cold
A string of hearts lie in your wake
You tried to take along for the ride
I must be out of my head
To get strung out on your silver thread

A strange way of showing your love
You had a strange way....

I hear you met a young girl
I hear she is your lover
So when you break her young, sweet heart
She'll find it easy to recover
Not like me, I took you seriously
And for a while I lost my smile,
I lost my way but I found something out....
It's going to take something more than you
To break a spirit like mine

A strange way of showing your love
Just for the thrill of it all
But then the future is blind
Just for the thrill of it all
I'm good at wasting my time
But I'm on my way, I've had enough

The winter comes the wind blows cold....
It isn't forever.

Farewell Mr. Sorrow
Six o'clock, all the closing shops
And the rainbows on the pavements
Of a sleepy town.
October leaves were wept from the trees
In tears of grief and strange relief
And sympathy.... all for me.
Do you remember walking out
The day it rained forever
And you were wondering
If I held dreams of wedding rings
Well, farewell Mr. Sorrow
Tomorrow is my own.

I believe we made a vow
Beside the fireside but I'm sure I lied
When I promised you
That I would never want sing
Along with anything
But for the strings of your guitar
Here you are...

So this is how a Judas kisses
Well, this is my kiss.

Wishing The Hours Away
Dazed in the twilight
I see the mayfly fly
Clustering 'round streetlamps of a small town
Rush around, around
Flicker to the ground like snow...
Or the embers of a drowsy fire in cinders
Ephemeral, perpetual...
And frail, pale,
Written in water, fading
As the clothes we wore drift to the shore
In waves....
In choirs, in spires.

White dressed... moon blessed...
Milk... breast... flower...
Wishing the hours away...

Time, still fleeting
Transcending, neverending
Still meeting here with eternity
Still hand in hand
Washed clean of sand, like shells...
Then time flies by
And moments die in thousands
Enshrouded, clouded

White dressed... moon blessed
Milk... breast... flower
Wishing the hours away
Soft-fleshed... dark nest...
Miles away.....

Touched By Jesus
Have you ever wondered much at all
About your behaviour,
Or worried about the role you play,
Grey against the scenery ?
Black cloud calls by,
Black cloud, blue sky
Black birds, your words,
Too dark to fly.
When reason starts to fade and fall away
I want to take a gun to you.

Rain another day...
While we move as angels,
Gather up your blues and clear the way.
I hate the games you play
While we're touched by Jesus,
Gather up your blues
And get out of the way.

Sand invades your shoes like a desert
It's nothing to die about.
And our heels are high enough
To crush the lizard
Take 'em off and shake it out.

The sting in the tail
Is destined to fail
Our skin, takes in no poison.

"So the next time you're out stumbling across
my little piece of sky, and we know we're
in a state of grace and we know we're in
a state of mind; and we know we're part
of the state of art and all we really want
to be, is free... you've got to receive, you've
got to receive what the spirit says... you've
got to believe what the spirit says...
and she says..."

Rain another day
While we move as angels
Gather up your views and clear the way
I hate the games you play.
While we're touched by Jesus
Gather up your blues and get out of the way

The Dreamer
She saw that he closed the door
She stole a look in the guarded book
His prose was a line of crows
On a washing line in the summer time
And the wind blew the crows around
Some made the sky, some hit the ground
She never heard a fuller sound
It comes as no surprise;

She's in love with the dreamer,
So in love with his world.

He had songs you could sing along to
In any time, in any key.
They were jewels in elysian pools
In eternity for all to see
And the water helped the jewels to shine,
Some like the stars and some like wine

In the eyes of earthbound angels
It comes as no surprise...

He makes her close her eyes,
He helps her paint the skies blue.

And the seventh dream was, so surreal
When the dreamer broke the seventh seal
And butterflies all lost their wheels
It comes as no surprise...

Share It With Me
Madeleine hears the bohemians say
She's selfish and crazy
Which isn't so far from the truth,
She's the essence of youth,
The flower you place on eternity's grave.
The romantic who isn't afraid
Of the beat of her heart,
She raises a glass to your art
And when she gets drunk she says...

Oh, give me the autumn, give me the trees,
Gather up everything I ever wanted
And give it me, please
Give me the ocean, give me the sea
Gather up everything I ever wanted
And share it with me

How many hearts are knocked down in the street ?
How many poets are driven
To drink and to verse,
By her singular eyes piercing out through a flight-path of
Rarified air
Where all the shiny black birds of the west
Make a rest in her hair ?
She raises a glass to your love
And when she gets drunk she says...

And you ask where she comes from
and she tells you: "the earth,"
Like the place that you come from
Is a whole different world
She says "life is a banquet,
So why hang around
Catching crumbs from a table ?
Come share it with me."

Rhythm Of Life
I'm nowhere that I've ever been
I'm no-one, I can't remember me
Make it all go
You're showing me heaven
When your door is always closed
Like the church doors are
When you need a little Jesus
Outside his business hours
You know, where were you
When I needed you to

Hold me, give a little beat of your heart to me
You've got to hold me, it's like the rhythm of life to me

How I long to take some comfort
From your arms
I am denied
I never relied
On the comfort or charity of strangers
Hear all the low, lonely lullabies I love
Dearer than life.
The warmth of a friend that I could depend on
To listen to me.

What would they find in the ashes then
A paper doll who thought she was a dancer
Fusing with the molten grey
Of a soldier of tin
Who happened once along her way ?

The Mystery We Are
Within the hall of mirrors
Within a crowd of you
Where you're gathering in cloudform
Refusing what is true
Uncertainties reflecting all along the way
While I still meet with confusion
In what to do or say,
Oh please... don't reveal who we are
Can we wonder at the mystery so far ?
Maybe someday we will find the thing we are,
Be it under a stone or behind the door,
Languishing on an ocean floor,
Within the heart or hanging on a star...
The mystery we are.

Russian dolls concealing a dream within a dream
where the depths beneath the surface
are rarely ever seen

If you know the answer
And if you find the key
To the opening of secrets
And you offer it to me, and I say;
Please, don't reveal who we are
Can we wonder at the mystery so far
Maybe someday we will find the thing we are
Be it under a stone or behind the door
Languishing on an ocean floor
Slumbering in a dreamless sleep
Melting into the velvet deep within the heart
Or hanging on a star...
The mystery we are.

Hide Child
I can see through you beyond the curtain
Inside, inside you
Winter is with you, ice in your eyes
This cold night, cold night

Hide child, I am but a breath away
Hide child, as you turn your face away
Hide child, everything is clear to me
Hide child, somebody be near me... bye bye.

Evening lingers so I am alone now
So tired, so tired
Finding that my disappointment
Is the only way to follow
The light, the light

Hide child, shadows are your only friend
Hide child, as the shape of night descends
Hide child, the rain around me
Makes me want to cry child,
Tell you about me.

Some things you choose
You can't make up your mind
So you lose it in time, in time

Hide child, quietly behind the door
Hide child, who can I be looking for
Hide child, somewhere there I can't be sure
Hide child, the room is empty,
Slow down....
Slow down....

Late last night, about a quarter to twelve
In the middle of an awful storm
I took fright at the terrible sight
Of a raven flying into my room
My blood ran cold, my heart stood still
As I pulled the covers over my head
A minute dragged by as I opened my eyes up
To find her at the end of my bed
Then she spoke in a devilish croak
About herself being one of a score
And I felt sick at the very idea
Of dealing with nineteen more
She said, "look out your window"
I see a skyfull, I pull a rifle on them all.
Pink sunrise in the wintry skies
All warm on the wings of a dove
She sinks and lands on the back of my hand
And sings with the voice of love...
"Thoughts made flesh can be beautiful things
As I am one of the same,
Fed so well on the best of your dreams
And the beauty found within
But those black beasts that you see in the east
Are scratching on the orchard floor
At split, sweet fruits and the writhing worms
That you keep behind the straining door
Go to the cellar!
I see the beasts and they're eating
Feasting on it".
Fill my head with small white flowers
Help the sweetness heal the sour
Draw on high religious power
Free the ravens from the tower.

Are You Lonely
Do you feel so small
On sunday afternoon
In your loveless house
Full of empty rooms
Once a place of life
Once upon a time
flames are dying out
While ghosts move in
Crossing on the stair
Asleep in empty chairs
Tell me... are you lonely ?

And if we believe wisdom comes with years
As knowledge stings our eyes
The easier the tears
Cradled in the sadness, a heart that ever aches
I'm praying with all mine
I won't make the same mistakes
Are the dark seeds there
In the blood we share
Tell me... are you lonely ?

While love lives, while suns set
While snowmoons rise in november skies
While ties bind while souls cry
While oceans ride in an endless tide
While love grows, while blood flows
While truth is real you need never feel alone

What seems to hurt the most
Is giving up the ghost
So tell me... are you lonely ?