Duty Now For The Future Lyrics

all right clockout
i got my coat
i got my keys
i got my head down to my lungs and move my feet
me i got all the secretaries down on their knees
look at 'em scoot
they gonna clockout
i got my money
tied up in stock
i got my mammy take my doggie for a walk
me i got the biggest little business down on the block
get ready get set
'cause we gonna clockout
down on all fours
take my advice
hear my decree
i'm afraid the future's gonna be maintenance free
i got the big brush for your bowl
baby can't you dig my plea
gonna gag
unless we clockout
no no no

Timing X

Wiggly World
they say the fittest shall survive
yet the unfit may live
wear gaudy colors or avoid display
hey it don't matter
it's all the same
so i do this and i do that
it's never straight up and down
oh you got a nickel
i got a dime
i'd like ta get ta know ya
but i haven't got the time
you gotta walk like a mannequin
roll like a tire
act on reaction
dodge the big spud fryer
wiggle on the bottom
wiggle on the top
wiggle up the middle and laugh alot
cause i'm living in a wiggly world
i gotta tell ya i've been living in a wiggly world

never leaves a gap
always pays on time
always fits the bill
he comes well prepared
cube top
squared off
eight corners
90-degree angles
flat top
stares straight ahead
stock parts
never tips over
stands up on his own
he is a blockhead
thinking man full grown
he comes well prepared
snake eyes

Strange Pursuit
intersecting love lines
drew us closer every day
always kept your distance
when you felt my presence near you
love keeps on rolling over
you'd fly in retreat
i would follow without shame
a stupid spud staggering to the flame
to be had and rehad
an innocent victim of the pain
now it's strange
it's a strange pursuit
i come running like the fat boy in lead shoes
like the fat boy i'm huff puffing after you
it's hopeless to hope for
the one thing that i'm wanting
'cause it's strange
it's a strange pursuit
darling i'm dazzled
but you know i'm too frazzled
i've taken my mind apart
and lost some of the pieces
it never gets tough
when you're gettin' real rough

S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)
got a nervous kind of feeling
got a painful yellow headache
every picture in every magazine's turned real
every face looks out and screams at me too real
cold sweat on my collar
dripping to my boots
the waves of nauseous pain
sets off the pressure pad alarms
gotta get outta here
gotta get outta here
gotta get outta here
gotta get outta here
gotta painful swelling brain
banging in my head
gotta painful swelling brain
and i called off sick
gotta swelling itching pain
got me pulling out my hair
gotta swelling itching pain
clutching at my brain
got me laying on the floor
think i left my senses
seems like endless torture
got me pulling out my hair
driving me up the wall
dripping out my eyes ears nose and mouth
imploding my thoughts
blasting holes in the front lawn now
going outta my skull
burning up my thoughts
tearing me apart

Triumph Of The Will
it was a thing i had to do
it was a message from below
it was a messy situation
it was desire for a girl
i'm not a wanker or a banker
i'm not afraid to take a risk
it is the thing females ask for
when they convey the opposite
before i die
i'll get another piece of pie
if i have to lie
when the well cries out for water
it is a need that must be filled
it goes beyond the laws of nature
it takes a triumph of the will

The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize
got a surprize from my honey
got a message from my girl
when she picked up a pen from beside her bed
and wrote me a scribbled note
said she'd be coming back to see me
that she would be visiting real soon
gonna get up from her long white bed
and leave this cold white room
we would once more live together
go out on a lovin' spree
just like before the accident
my baby would look at me
i saw her sweet face trembling
as she tried to open her eyes
i jumped with the joy of a grateful boy
the day my baby gave me a surprize

Pink Pussycat
pink pussycat
where are you
pink pussycat
i'm looking for you
pink pussycat
meow meow meow
pink pussycat
where ya hiding puss
pink pussycat
i'm coming after you
i'm gonna mix yer meow-meows

pink pussycat
got you in the car
pink pussycat
got you in the backseat
pink pussycat
i wanna touch yer fur
pink pussycat
i'm gonna see you dance
pink pussycat
i'm gonna stand yer fur on end

pink pussycat
sleep inside you
pink pussycat
lick you clean
pink pussycat
gonna mess you up
pink pussycat
i'm a dog
pink pussycat
bow wow wow
pink pussycat
gonna chase you
pink pussycat
gonna catch you
pink pussycat
gonna bite you
pink pussycat
tear yer little ears off
pink pussycat
meow meow meow
pink pussycat
i'm so stroft

Secret Agent Man
i live a live of danger for the fbi
keeping tabs on our nation
on the land on the sea in the sky
and every single night before i go to bed
i get down on my knees and thank god
i'm a secret agent man
secret agent man
they've given me a number
but they've taken away my name
i got one hell of a job to perform for the u. s. of a.
got the responsibility of our nation's top security
but every night and day
i salute the flag and say
thank you jesus cause i'm
i'm a secret agent man
you know they got me doin' this doin' that
and a little bit of something else
fighting cavities of evil
save-guarding america's health
but not an afternoon pass
i don't get up off my ass
and thank you god
'cause i'm a secret agent man

Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA
he's been with the world
and i'm tired of the soup du jour
he's been with the world
i wanna end this prophylactic tour
afraid nobody around here
understands my potato
guess i'm only a spudboy
looking for a real tomato
we're the smart patrol
nowhere to go
suburban robots that monitor reality
common stock
we work around the clock
we shove the poles in the holes

wait a minute
something's wrong
he's the man from the past
he's here to do us a favor
a little human sacrifice
it's just supply and demand
mr. kamikazi mr. dna
he's an altruistic pervert
mr. dna mr. kamikazi
he's here to spread some genes
wait a minute
something's wrong
he's a man with a plan
his finger is pointed at devo
now we must sacrifice ourselves
that many others may live
ok we've got a lot to give
this monkey wants a word with you

Red Eye
let me tell you a story
let me shovel some dirt
long time no sugar
and it's starting to hurt
something's flattening my cola
something's wrong with my brew
something's rotten in idaho
and i don't know what to do
going going gone with the red eye distress
going going gone on the red eye express
only go around once
gotta quench that thirst
gotta grab that gusto
gotta get there first