Secret Agent Man Lyrics

i live a live of danger for the fbi
keeping tabs on our nation
on the land on the sea in the sky
and every single night before i go to bed
i get down on my knees and thank god
i'm a secret agent man
secret agent man
they've given me a number
but they've taken away my name
i got one hell of a job to perform for the u. s. of a.
got the responsibility of our nation's top security
but every night and day
i salute the flag and say
thank you jesus cause i'm
i'm a secret agent man
you know they got me doin' this doin' that
and a little bit of something else
fighting cavities of evil
save-guarding america's health
but not an afternoon pass
i don't get up off my ass
and thank you god
'cause i'm a secret agent man