New Traditionalists Lyrics

Through Being Cool
we're through being cool
eliminate the ninnies and the twits
going to bang some heads
going to beat some butts
time to show those evil spuds what's what
if you live in a small town
you might meet a dozen or two
young alien types who step out
and dare to declare
spank the pank who try to drive you nuts
time to clean some house
be a man or a mouse
waste those who make it tuff to get around
if you live in a big place
many factions underground
chase down mister hinky dink
so no trace can be found
put the tape on erase
rearrange a face
we always liked picasso anyway
mash 'em

Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth
i know i let you tell me what to do
you were confident you know best
now things aren't working like you want them to
your confidence is what i detest
you got me lookin' up high
you got me searchin' down low
you got me i know you know
you got me jerkin' back 'n' forth
you told me people like to suffer
you told me that's the way it is
you said that things were getting better
you said i should expect all this
you think it's funny
but what i say is true
the reason that i live like this
is all because of you
there is a thought that keeps me thinking
like a stone inside my shoe
it is a vision reoccurring
a dirty window i can see you through

Pity You
pity you
you're telling me you've got a problem
a nervous sort of contraction
a mindless kind of reaction
you never get no satisfaction
here's to you
i know you really got a problem
a nasty kind of reflection
a dangerous sort of destruction
that makes it difficult
makes it hard to reach
takes it all away
from what you had in mind
yeah yeah yeah
a nervous kind of distraction
a nasty sort of contraction
but there's some big fat point
that you seem to be missing
and it's driving you to destruction
but it doesn't seem
to stop you in the least
or halt this obsession got you
going on back
week after week
day after day
hour after hour
from where you came
for more of the same

Soft Things
soft things
you want soft things
you need soft things
you'll get soft things
you register a motion
you get a helpful hint
there's a certain way it shivers when she shakes
her mind seemed so chaotic
her posture was erotic
and her voice was exotic
i acted so neurotic
i thought it idiotic
her dance was so technotic
she became hypnotic
and now i'm calling out for soft things
something soft when times get hard
and now i'm calling out for soft things
when something calls you you'll know what to do
you find a longer wavelength
you hear a deeper note
it's a buried treasure that she doesn't hide

Going Under
left home with a friend of mine
gone two years and i don't know why
now i'm happy all the time
i can't think and i'm feelin' fine
girl put me in a situation
going through soft core mutation
think you heard this all before
now you're gonna hear some more
i know a place where dreams get crushed
hopes are smashed but that ain't much
voluntary experimentation
going through soft core mutation
i'm going under
down under where the lights are low
to a place where all the mutants go
doing things i never did before
inside out and coming back for more
little girls with the four red lips
never knew it could be like this
you put me in a situation
goin' through soft core mutation

Race Of Doom
race of doom
is it on
is it off
it's a matter of time
it's a matter of luck
it's a factor of chance
'til i self-destruct
you fire at random
i'm under attack
strapped in and freewheeling
flying off the track
i want to be your time bomb
let me be your time bomb baby
i want to be your time bomb
please let me be your time bomb baby
everywhere there is danger
absolutely for real
subliminal feelings
too strong to conceal
unscramble your program
my turn to unload
unbelievably certain
guaranteed to explode

Love Without Anger
love without anger
he picked up the phone and took the call
a long distance voice just started to bawl
i don't care if you feel small
love without anger isn't love at all
why can't you have your cake and eat it too
why believe in things that make it tough on you
why scream and cry when you know it's through
why fall in love when there's better things to do
barbie and ken in a great big fight
seems ken forgot to make it home one night
you know what you are seeing simply can't be right
looks like love's bark is worse than its bite
he was young and in love
so he just couldn't see
and it compelled him to ask
are you kidding me?
you must be kidding me!
love without teardrops isn't the same
he asked to be counted out of her game
she thought it him who was so insane
love is what it does by any other name

The Super Thing
today what does it take to do the super thing
i'll tell you what it takes a very simple thing
iron nerves like the pilot of a jumbo jet
or a girl on the go who hasn't got there yet
magnetic trumpets blowing
synthetic saxophone
the evidence kept growing
from below
hidden motivations
buried in the past
still gives us strength
for the super thing
the red alarm a rude surprise every time it rings
means it's time to go beyond the normal thing
pay attention and be prepared to do it right
the super thing the thing that makes you bigger than life
won't you tell me what it takes
to do the super thing
signals start to travel from a distant place
lights go out electro shock then pleasure pain
sensations unfamiliar can make you sick
it's a superhuman thing and it does the trick

Beautiful World
it's a beautiful world we live in
a sweet romantic place
beautiful people everywhere
the way they show they care
makes me want to say
it's a beautiful world
for you
it's a wonderful time to be here
it's nice to be alive
wonderful people everywhere
the way they comb their hair
makes me want to say
it's a wonderful place
for you
tell me what i say
boy 'n' girl with the new clothes on
you can shake it to me all night long
hey hey
it's not for me

Enough Said
none of you would help me when i baked by bread
now all of you would help me eat it
i can see that you are very well fed
this indicates that you don't need it
enough said
stop and let me tell you what tomorrow holds for you
stop and let me tell you 'bout a plan i have for you
take all the leaders from around the world
put them together in a great big ring
televise it as the lowest show on earth
and let them fight like hell to see who's king
gather up the pieces when the fight is done
then you'll find out living really can be fun
you wanted a world you could figure out
but something happened while you were asleep
you wanted a good life you could brag about
too bad they took the parts you wanted to keep

Working In The Coal Mine
well i been workin' in a coal mine
goin' down down
workin' in a coal mine
whew about to slip down
five o'clock in the mornin'
i'm up before the sun
when my work day is over
i'm too tired for havin' fun
lord i am so tired
how long can this go on
i been workin' goin' workin'
whew about to slip down