Kerplunk Lyrics

2,000 Light Years Away
I sit alone in my bed room
Staring at the walls
I've been up all damn night long
My pulse is speeding
My love is yearning

I hold my breath and close my eyes and
Dream about her
'Cause she's 2,000 light years away
She holds my malakite so tight so...
Never let go
'Cause she's 2,000 light years away

I sit outside and watch the sunrise
Lookout as far as I can
I can't see her but in the distance
I hear some laughter
We laugh together

One For The Razorbacks
Juliet's trying to find out what she wants but she don't know
Experience has got her down
Well, look this direction
I know it's not perfection
It's just me...
I want to bring up you again now

'Cause I'm losing what's left of my dignity
A small price I'll pay to see that you're happy
Forget all the disappointment that you have faced
Open up your worried world and let me in

Juliet's crying 'cause now she's realizing what love can be
Filled with pain and distrust
I know I am crazy and bit lazy
But I will try to bring you up again somehow

Welcome To Paradise
Dear mother, can you hear me whining
It's been three whole weeks since I have left your home
This sudden fear has left me trembling
'Cause now it seems that I am out here on my own
And I'm feeling so alone

Pay attention to the cracked streets and the broken homes
Some call it slums and some call it nice
I want to take you through the waste land
That I like to call my home
Welcome to paradise

A gunshot rings out at the station
Another urchin snaps and left dead on his own
It makes me wonder why I'm still here
For some strange reasons it's now feeling like my home
And I'm never gonna go

Dear mother, can you hear me laughing
It's been six whole months since I have left your home
It makes me wonder why I'm still here
For some strange reason it's now feeling like my home
And I'm never gonna go

Christie Road
Staring out of my window
Watching the cars go rolling by
My friends are gone
And I've got nothing to do

So I sit here patiently
Watching the clock tick so slowly
Gotta get away or my brains will explode

Give me something to do to kill some time
Take me to that place that I call home
Take away the strains of being lonely
Take me to the tracks at

See the hills from afar
Standing on my beat-up car
The sun went down
And the night fill the sky

Now I feel like me once again
As the train comes and rolling in
Smoked my boredom gone
Slapped my brains up so high

Mother stay out of my way
Of that place we go
We'll always seem to find our way

If there's one thing that I need
To makes me feel complete
So why go to

It's home...

Private Ale
I wonder down these streets all by myself
Think of my future now
I just don't know
I don't seem to care
I stop to notice by your home
I wonder if you're sitting all alone
Or is your boyfriend there?

Because I feel so right
Let my imagination go
Until you're in my sight
And through my veins temptation flows

So I sit down here on the hard concrete
Think of my future now
I just don't know
I don't seem to care
So I sit across the street from your home
I wonder if you're sitting all alone
Or is your boyfriend there?

Dominated Love Slave
I want to be your dominated love slave
I want to be the one that takes the pain
You can spank me when I do not behave
mack me in the forehead with a chain

'Cause I love feeling dirty
And I love feeling cheap
And I love it when you hurt me
So drive those staples deep

I want you to slap me and call me naughty
Put a belt slander against my skin
I want to feel pain all over my body
Can't wait to be punished for my sins

One Of My Lies
When I was younger I thought the world circled around me
But in time I realized that I was wrong
My immortal thoughts turned into just dreams of a dead future
It was a tragic case of my reality

Do you think you're indistructable
And no one can touch you
Well, I think you're disposable
And it's time to knew the truth
'Cause it's just one of my lies!

And all I want to do is get real high
'Cause it's just one of my lies

Why does my life have to be so small
Yet death is forever
And does forever has a life to call it's own?
Don't give me an answer
'Cause you only know as much as I know
Unless you've been there once
Well, I hardly think so

I used to pray all night
Before I ley myself down
My mother said it was right
Her mother said it, too...

My mental stability reaches its bitter end
And all my senses are coming unglued
Is there any cure for this desiese someone call love
Not as long as there are girls like you

Everything she does questions my mental health
It makes me loose control
I just can't trust my self
If anyone can hear me some slap sense in me
But you turn your head and I end up talking to myself
Anxiety has got me strung out and frustrated
So I loose my head or I bang it up against the wall

Sometimes I wonder if I should be left alone
And lock myself up in a padded room
I'd sit and spew my guts out to the open air
No one wants to hear a drunken fool

I do not mind if this goes on
'Cause now it seems I'm too far gone
I must admit that I enjoy myself
please keep taking me away...

Hey old man in woman's shoes
I wonder if he knows I think he's crazy
When he was young did he have a dream of
Wearing woman's shoes and being crazy

It makes me wonder when
I grow to be that age
Will I be walking down the street
Begging for your spare change

Or will I grow that old
Will I still be around
The way I carry on
I'll end up six feet underground
And waste away...

When the old man was in school
Did the golden rule make him go crazy
Or did he hide a way from hopes
Behind a smile and smoking dope
It's crazy

It seems so frightening
Time passes by like lightning
Before you know it you're struck down
I always waste my time on
My chemical emotions
It keeps my head spinning around
And waste away...

No One Knows
Why should my fun have to end?
For me it's only the beginning
See my friends begin to age
A short countdown to what end

Call me irresponsible
Call me habitual
When you think of me
Do you fill your head with schemes
Better think again
'Cause no one knows

I don't want to cause no harm
But my sometimes my actions hurt
Is there something I should find
To make plans for forever

Does it seem like all your memories fade
You soak up knowledge to fill the space
And still my answer remains...
I don't know
I don't...

Who Wrote Holden Caulfield
A thought burst in my head
And I need to tell you
It's news I for thought
Was it just a dream
That happened long ago?
I think I just forgot

Well, it hasn't been the first time
And it sure does drive me mad

'Cause when I see
There's a boy who fogs his world and now he's getting lazy
There's no motivation and frustration makes him crazy
He makes a plan to take a stand but always ends up sitting
Someone help him up or he's gonna end up quitting

I shuffle thorogh my mind
To see if I can find
The words I left behind
Was it just a dream
That happened long ago?
Oh, well...
Never mind

Words I Might Have Ate
Now it seems that I can't keep my mind of you
My brain drifts back to better days we've been through
Like sitting on black top of the school ground
The love I bitched about I finally found

But now it's gone and I take the blame
So there's nothing I can do but take the pain

Now I dwell on what you remind me of
A sweet young girl who sacrificed her love
As for me...I am blind without a cause
And now I realized what I have lost

It was something real that I could have had
Now I play the fool who's stable soul's gone bad

Tell me by words I might have ate
It's pumping pressure deep inside my head
Was it bad enough to be to late
Just tell me the words I might have ate

Sweet Children
See a young girl so soft and blonde
Doesn't attack me but she did me once
Intoxications in her veins
Sweet young boy plays with her brain
Lydia bring it to life
Put his hand on her thigh
Ability have now been ripped
Take it away I'd rather sit

Sweet children
Sweet children
Sweet children
Remember when?

Johnny's playing fun and games
Or else he's hitting the storage shed
Running form the light of day
Meybe lie and celebrate
Funny circus from his head
Follow me if you understand
I'll trick her so she'll do it
Then I sing and now we run

Best Thing In Town
Come with me and let's go for a ride
Follow me to the other side
As I sit around and watch your pout

'Cause I know that you're the
Best thing in town
Best thing around
Best thing in town
Best thing around

Running wild and always running free
Doing things that I have never seen
Erie colors and all I see are sounds

Now I know that you're the
Best thing in town
Best thing around
Best thing in town
Best thing around

I see faces I missed ????
I cannot run but ????
'Cause it speeds ????
I miss the beat that ???? my mind

Looking at the clouds in the sky
Floating images in my mind
Now I wonder where this place is from

Evidence is everywhere
??? and now I'm scared
Strange beings all around
Everyone comes to this place I've found

I'm feeling psyched and walking
I wonder why
Now my joys are open
No more crimes

My eyes are clear and cured
I only wanna be for sure

Get in my mind and you will find
Mother loves all mankind

My Generation
"I think I can do Who..."

People try to put us down
(Talking 'bout my generation)
Just because we get aroud
(Talking 'bout my generation)
Things they do look awful cold
(Talking 'bout my generation)
I hope I die before I get old
(Talking 'bout my generation)
My generation

Why don't you all just fade away
(Talking 'bout my generation)
And don't try to dig what we all say
(Talking 'bout my generation)
I'm not trying to cause a big sensation
(Talking 'bout my generation)
Just talking 'bout my generation
(Talking 'bout my generation)
My generation

"Break it, fuck that shit!"

This is my generation, baby..