1,039 smoothed out slappy hours Lyrics

At The Library
Hey there, lookin' at me
Tell me what do you see
But you quickly turn your head away
Try to find the words I could use
Don't have the courage to come up to you
My chance is looking a bit gray

Starting across the room
Are you leaving soon?
I just need a little time

What is that drives me mad
Girls like you I never had
What is it about you that I adore?
What makes me go insane
That makes me feel so much pain
What is it about you that I adore

Why did you have to leave so soon?
Why did you have to walk away?
Oh well, it happened again
She walks away with her boyfriend
Maybe we'll meet again some day

Don't Leave Me
I'll go for miles
'Till I find you
But you say you want to leave me
But you can't choose
I've gone through pain
Every day and night
I feel my mind is going insane
Something I can't fight

Don't leave me

A blank expression
Covering your face
I'm looking for directions
For out of this place
I start to wonder
If you'll come back
I feel the rain storming after thunder
I can't hold back

I Was There
Looking back upon my life
And the places that I've been
Pictures, faces, girls I've loved
I try to remember when
Faded memories on the wall
Some names I have forgotten
But each one is a memory
I look back on so often

I look into the past
I wanted to make it last
I was there

Looking back what I have done
There's lots more life to live
At times I feel overwhelmed
I question what I can give
But I don't let it get me down
Or cause me too much sorrow
There's no doubt about who I am
I always have tomorrow

Looking back upon my life
Faded memories on the wall
Looking now at who I am
I don't let it get me down

Disappearing Boy
Now you see me now you don't
Don't ask me where I'm at
'Cause I'm a million miles away
Treated like a forbidden heel
Don't say my thoughts are not for real
Or you won't see me again

Am I here or am I there?
Or am I playing on the stairs
Am I in my room with my toys
I am the disappearing boy

When I walk in crowded rooms
I feel as if it is my doom
I know that I don't belong
In that room I see her
I see her and she's with him
I turn and then I'm gone

Don't call me up 'cause I'm not home
My whereabouts are now unknown
I vanished from all your joy
I am the disappearing boy

I have my doubts of where I belong
It's something to think about

Green Day
A small cloud has fallen
The white mist hit the ground
My lungs comfort me with joy
Vegging on one detail
The rest just crowds around
My eyes itch of burning red

Picture sounds... ...of moving insects so surreal
Lay around... ...looks like I found something new

Laying in my bed
I think I'm in left field
I picture someone, I think it's you
You're standing so damn close
My body begins to swell
Why does 1+1 make 2?

Going To Pasalacqua
Here we go again
Infatuation touches me
Just when I thought that it would end
Oh, but then again it seems much more than that
I'm not sure exactly what you're thinking

So I toss and turn all night thinking of
Your ways of effection
But to find that it's not different at all
I throw away my past mistakes
And contemplate my future
That's when I say...
What the hey!?!

Would I last forever?
You and I together
Hand in hand we run away
Far away
I'm in for nasty weather
But I'll take whatever
You can give that comes my way
Far away

Every night I dream the same dream
Of getting older and older all the time
I ask you now what does this mean?
Are these problems just in my mind?
Things are easy when you're a child
But now these pressures have dropped on my head
The length I've gone are just long miles
Would they be shorter if I were dead?

Every time I look in my past
I always wish I was there
I wish my youth would forever last
Why are these times so unfair?

Look at my friends and see what they've done
Ask myself why they had to change
I liked them better when they were young
Now all these times are rearranged
I look down and stand there and cry
Nothing ever will be the same
The sun is rising now, I ask why?
The clouds now fall and here comes the rain

Road To Acceptance
I always waste my time just wondering
What the next man thinks of me
I'll never do exactly what I want
And I'll sculpt my life for all your acceptance

I feel forgotten
Feel like rotting
Do you feel the same
Just can't make sense
It's calling my name

I take a look around
And all the things I've found
I call it blind hatred
If you stop a while
And maybe if you smile
You would realize that
We're all the same
It's just like our brain
When it goes insane
We feel the same pain

All my life I've seen to have this need
I think at times it even turns to greed
We all want to join some family
We'll even sacrifice a moral changing

Hey can you hear me
I'm calling your name
Hello? Or is this goodbye?
The gleam in your eyes
It troubles my brain
Will I see it again
So I can rest my head

Angel! Dancing away
As all of my thoughts get rearranged
Angel! Turning away
Just when things seem
To have changed
So I can rest my head

The Judge's Daughter

Princess in a school girl's dream
May I please speak with you?
I'm having troubles with control
And it's all because of you
Today I kept falling down
I thought it was street
So I look down at my shoes
They were on the wrong feet

I find it hard to be myself
Can you please explain?
I do not think that it's my health
You're the one to blame
You're the one I wish I had
Now my girlfriend is getting mad
I can't call this sane

Today as I was walking down
You bumped into me
You said "excuse me" and walked away
As I dropped to my knees
I prayed to the being in the sky
That my parents told me of
I asked you but no reply
No clues about your love

I find it hard to be myself
Can you please explain?
I do not think that it's my health
Your the one to blame
My girlfriend left me on the phone
I'm pathetically left here alone
I can't call this sane

Can we find our way
So that you can stay
I think I'm gonna pop

Paper Lanterns
Now I rest my head from such an endless dreary time
A time of hopes and happiness that had you on my mind
Those days are gone and now it seems
As if I get some rest
Now and then and I'll see you again
And it puts my heart to test

So when are all my problems going to end?
I'm understanding now that we are only friends
To this day I'm asking why
I still think about you

As the days go on and I wonder will this ever end?
I find it hard to keep control when you're with your boyfriend
I do not mind if all I am is just a friend to you
But all I want to know right now is
If you think about me, too...?

Why Do You Want Him?
I saw you standing alone
With a sad look on your face
You call him on the phone
Looks like he left you without a trace
Tears falling out of your eyes
He's living in a disguise
You've been feeling bad for so long
You wonder if it's right or wrong

Why do you want him?

Now many days have gone by
And you still just sit there and cry
You're feeling bad for yourself
His memory will always dwell
You're so obsessed with his love
That's why push came to shove
You've been feeling bad so long
You wonder if it's right or wrong

409 in Your Coffeemaker
I sit in the state of a daydream
With all of your words flying over my head
Even more time gets wasted in a daze
It should seem obvious to you
Your screams ans cries are never going to work
And all your time gets wasted in my daze

And I'm looking back now
At where I have gone wrong
And why I could not seem to get along
My interests are longing
To break from these chains
These chains that control my futures aim...

I sit in the state of a daydream
With all of your words flying over my head
Even more time gets wasted in a daze
Maybe I'm just too damn lazy
Or maybe I was just brainwashed to think that way
And all of your time gets wasted in my daze


I know things are getting tougher
You can't get the top off
From the bottom of the barrell
Wide open road of my future now
It's looking fucking narrow

All I know is that I don't know
We get told to decide
Just like as if I'm not gonna change my mind!

All I know is that I don't know nothing
Whatcha gonna do with yourself
Boy, better make up your mind
Whatcha gonna do with yourself
You're running out of time!

All I know that I don't know nothing
And that's fine...

1,000 Hours
Starlit night
The moon is shining bright
You're the one that I need
Up at your window
I see a shadow
Silhusette of your of your grace
Here's this flower
I picked for all the hours
That you've spent with me
The one I love
That I've been dreaming of
Sailing across the see

Let my hands flow through your hair
Moving close to kiss we'll share
Passionate love to be all night long
We never break as one too strong

Nothing's more
Than I what our love is for
As I kiss yoru cheek
Oh, so softly
Hands flowing down my back
I'll never leave

Our romance is a love shower
And now we'll never part
of such a love shower
We'll never stop once we start

Dry Ice
Late last night I had a dream
And she was in it again
She and I were in the sky
Flying hand in hand
I woke up in a cold sweat
Wishing she was by my side
Praying that she'll dry tears
Left on my face I've cried

Oh, I love her
Keep dreaming of her
Will I understand
If she wants to be my friend

I'll send a letter to that girl
Asking her to be my own
But my pen is writing wrong
So I say it in a song
Oh, I love you more right no
More than I've ever before
Here's those words straight from these lips
I'll need you forever more

Only Of You
I wish I could tell you
But the words would come out wrong
Oh, if you only know
The way I felt so long
I know that we're worlds apart
But I just don't seem to care
These feelings in my heart
Only with you I want to share

The first time I caught
A glimpse of you
Then all my thoughts
Were only of you

I hope that time goes by
You will think the same about me
Many nights awake I lie
I only wish I could see
I know that we're only friends
I hope this feeling never ends
If I could only hold you
It's the only thing I want to do

The One I Want
Sitting in my room last night
Staring at the mirror
I couldn't find a reason why
I couldn't be near her

'Cause you're the one that started
To make me feel this way
And every night I'm thinking
About the words you'd say

Pictures going through my mind
When we're together
All those long and sleepless night
Will I ever get better

Now you know how I feel
This love is forever
You make my life so unreal
Will I ever get better...?

I Want To Be Alone
I lock myself inside my room
I wanna be alone

With you around, you only add on
I wanna be alone
Just let me be alone with my thoughts
I wanna be alone
With you around, you only add on
I wanna be alone

Please don't think I'm crazy
I don't want you to understand
My mind is growing hazy
To hell with your helping hand
Why don't you just leave me alone
This conflict is my own
Keep the sources away from me
That's all