I Lost My Head Lyrics

1. I lost my head, it was not easy,
unknown, unread, it wasn't easy,
and each day, each night,
wasn't wrong, nor right,
I can't remember what I said
I lost my head.

2. What will I feel maybe tomorrow,
but time not real, hours I can borrow,
so until for now, as long as how,
I can't remember what I said
I lost my head.

(Part 2)

1. I lost my head, forget what I said,
what's the use to try to deny it,
I didn't think it would ever happen again,
wondering why, once bitten, twice shy,
never thought again would I try it,
and even though maybe soon
it would end, wanting to stop,
but had to go on,
give a little part of my person,
and don't reflect,
don't remember what I said,
I was afraid and I stayed away
making sure of my independence,
isn't it true
that I lost my head.

Took my time and I didn't rush into anything,
showed my face, just forgetting myself,
I lost my head.

2. Everything's true, but everything lies,
it's so hard to try to explain it,
It doesn't matter it happened anyway,
and for the time while someone is mine,
I'll go on won't try to contain it,
though never sure it could finish anyday,
I lost my head,
so glad that I made
right or wrong, I made the decision
to take my chances,
give out something of me,
how will I feel tomorrow?
not real trying to avoid a collision,
I lost my head,
but today I can see.
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