Design Lyrics

As years drift by
and future dies.

1. He sits and he thinks
about all he's done in life,
I'm now an old man,
what have I been in life?
what did I do?
Had no end to aspire to.

2. His dreams as a boy
were of hope and intention
of making his mark
with his plans and invention,
where did they go,
how could he know how time goes.

In my day had to have
certain future,
but now you can do as you like,
all that I might have wanted,
seeking what you're after,
but not for me.

Everything comes to those who wait,
I thought everything may come to me
made my way only as I was able.

3. He knows there's no more he can do,
no romances, now bitten today
for they have all his chances,
all too late, no one waits
how time goes by.

Seeking what you're after,
but not for me
Have as my years drift by
never for me.