Farewell to Arms Lyrics

(Keith Emerson/Greg Lake)

In this our life on earth
Another dawn we face
Is this the moment of truth
For the whole human race
Is that the last man down
Is that the last life laid to waste
We must find in our hearts
Each and every dream we've misplaced
Before heaven cries tears
On the mountains we climb

Farewell to arms
Rest in peace
May the reign of freedom be released
Farewell to arms
We just can't walk away
We're all sharing this earth at the end of the day

So when the cold winds bite
And when the mad dogs speak
However dark is your night
Just keep turning your cheek
Cause when the last shot's fired
It is then the world will be free
And still we are asking
Just how long it will be
Though we're blown by the crosswinds
We stand like a tree


Down this road we've wandered for so many years
With every step we take
We can tear down all frontiers, make no mistake