Black Moon Lyrics

(Keith Emerson/Greg Lake/Carl Palmer)

Every day I see a nwe cloud coming
There's one more hole in space
Every time I walk across the street
I feel the gas blowing in my face
We never learn even deserts burn
And all politicians lie
They don't do nothing till we reach high noon
Black moon

Ain't nobody gonna walk on water
When it falls like acid rain
Nobody gonna fake you out
Every poison stains
We're all struck here right in the middle
We never call the tune
If we don't get active we'll become immune
Black moon

In the night see the red sky burning
There's fire on the mountain
Oil slicks on the sea
The black moon is rising
How long will it be

you take a look around the world
The future never waits
We're skating on the thin ice
And we're in the hands of fate
What we need's a little redirection
To find our blue lagoon
You know it wouldn't come a moment too soon
Black moon