Hope Chest Lyrics

Planned Obsolescence
Science Is truth for life Watch
religion fall obsolete Science Will be truth for life Technology as
nature Science Truth for life In fortran tongue the Answer With wealth
and prominence Man so near perfection Possession It's an absence of
interim Secure no demurer Defense against divine Defense against his
true Image Human conflict number five Discovery Dissolved all illusion
Mystery Destroyed with conclusion And illusion never restored Any
modern man can see That religion is Obsolete Piety Obsolete Ritual
Obsolete Martyrdom Obsolete Prophetic vision Obsolete Mysticism
Obsolete Commitment Obsolete Sacrament Obsolete Revelation Obsolete.

The Latin One
Bent double like old beggars in sacks
Knockkneed and cursing or coughing like hags Men marched on sleeping
some without boots Fatigue drunken deaf still to the hoots Of breaking
gas shells Dropping softly behind But limped on bloodshod All went
lame all went blind Gas gas quick boys fumbling helmets in time
Someone still screaming a man in fire or lime Under a grey cloud dim
dark through green light In all my dreaming before my helpless sight
He plunges at me Choking guttering drowning Put in a wagon he had to
keep pace As his eyes melt to his face If you could hear blood
Gurgling from ruptured lungs If you could witness Vile sores on
innocent tongues You would not tell me Not with such pride and such
zest The lies of history Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori Some
desperate glory Pro patria mori As witness disturbs the story Pro
patria mori Stand firm boys breathe the glory.

Katrina's Fair
Greta's cedar hope chest Is full of
pamphlets Glass shelves of romantic vignettes A journal laced with
sedimentary prose Norma gathers and collects vintage photoplays Hair
combs valentines Lillian allows the animals to scratch Leather crack
Mail collect in the box coatings peel Agnes veiled cathedral dweller
Smiles with benevolent pain It's Katrina's fair Tuesday morning As she
with caution unlatches the flat door She alone cascades to the
basement Careful not to spoil her Calico printed pinafore Composite
traits mannerists All others dissipate Margauritte vigilant dwells
upon frigid casements Sarah's thoughts in the velocity Accusations
always pierce and pass Clara abandons her passions for distastes Miss
Lenora P. Sinclair Early for coffee in the pool "I'm resituating all
your words" Capital Space Colon Paragraph Sylvia keeps beasts in jars
labeled Kingdom phylum class order family genus species.

Poor de Chiciro
Oh my dear friend My dear friend
Giorgio How has this time Breton Discouraged your liaison with the Eye
styled metaphysical Incongruous scenarios Dauntly jaunt about through
nostalgic despair Within childlike renderings Of a nightmarish recall
"All my images Fragments I've shored upon my ruins Pictor classicus
sum I am pure" Step solemn with the Air of reluctant manes As rod and
hoop shadow children Scatter through a henna arcade Figures indentured
to a windless landscape Enduring silence and flame Da Da da No loyalty
to the nonsensical Scorned their nihilist pageantry.

Grey Victory
There was light and atomic
fission Swelling wind Rising ash Tide of Black Rain Cement seared
shadow traces Reminiscent of their last commands Instantly one
thousand flames arising Ill scent the burning hides surrounding A
settlement debased entirely Enola Gay had made a casual delivery
Please build a future, darling With our bomb Cherish and love it For
the sake of Earth bound kingdom come The undersides of fallen metal
trusses Evil debris of human bodies Each window's glass shards pelted
Secure confines Brittle collapse Neighbors lay beside Each other
unknowing Faces scorched of all familiar bearing, Too few hands Many
wounds for closing Marred by Thirsting Anguish Fear lamenting Here we
stand At the door to gold atomic age Don't spoil your face with worry
Trust in Earth bound kingdom come.

National Education Week
Honor salute and speak To the
corner standing flag Do you remember how the days of school were
Indivisible separate worlds Compare contrast These dreams absurd
Placid classroom faces Breathe in the features Of a demographics death
map trilogy Children read them well Not to bury 3 of 4 sons As the
likes of chivalry Not to take 6 of 30 bills To manufacture Corpus
Christi And so you think it can be so serene History's most
intolerable famine Has clutched our global tranquility Reaped the
lives of children Maladies collaborate With cyclic despair Infanticide
clamors to 20 times more In 4th and 5th Worlds The poor have always
been Beside us Amid us Death has always been As million cease 15
million that's an annual reap Add divide multiply sum 41 thousand!

Death of Manolete
There were women holding
rosaries On the day Manolette died Teenage girls in soft white dresses
Standing silent peace respecting Groups of boys held in their hands
The fragments of a shattered idol The old men with their traditions
challenged Refrained from tears Neck neck hook Poles of wood The
Picadores stood eyes ablaze To view brutal contest In the vale of
years Courage unfailing Agility exhausted Youth entered challenge
Reached for title shelved Patrons in attendance To disarm a common
myth Homage played to the victor of immortality Cloaked in bold tones
In the stockyard the beasts Did climb their barriers Bid by a frenzied
ring Bred for one purpose only To die in man's sport Dash against his
spindle An instant fell to wounding On the day Swords penetrating On
the day Torches igniting On the day Flower wreaths encircling The day
On the day.

Lineage closed Dissolved In its birth
Tragedy Prelude a balance Is a synergy Of reason Malicious hope As
techno atrocities Lapse their effects Associate these ends Their
clarity Demands your revenge Please compensate Not Deny Jungle Revenge
Infanticide Crosses Very thin walls Latent casualties Arrive From
fatal initiation No longer recessive Genetic aliens abandoned Plain
deceit IN the mirage of A just one time cause We'd all changed The
clocks No ladies auxiliary to kiss Their blistered cheeks Gone.

Frail hinges pivot On a case's door
Commemorative Souvenirs from places Containers change with occasion
Cellophane encased Displaying paper Certificate Credit years of
service A tool of central enterprises The early hope For permanence
The words the rings Consistency And Social security The miracles high
tragedy A thought mistaken for a memory Dress lengths assassinations
Fractured family ties and christenings Local posts will list your
friends In order of disappearance Lawn scattered tins feed birds The
portion baked For absent guests The mass edition icon God sent comfort
Your salvation But who grants absolution For sins that never were
committedmakes a tangle Of each thought becomes Inconvenience
Sound never penetrates The servile edges break and faint A thought
mistaken for a memory Clear the dust From smiles in boxes Pass the
patterned wall Recall their voices.

Anthem for Doomed Youth
For whom do the bells toll
When sentenced to die The stuttering rifles Will stifle the cry The
monstrous anger The fear's rapid rattle A desert inferno Kids dying
like cattle Don't tell me We're not prepared I've seen today's marine
He's eighteen and he's eager He can be quite mean No mock'ries for
them No prayers or bells The demented choirs The wailing of shells The
boys holding candles On untraveled roads The fear spreads like fire As
shrapnel explodes I think it's wrong To conscript our youth Against
their will When plenty of our citizenry Really like to kill What sign
posts will lead To armageddon's fires What bugles will call them From
crowded grey shires The women sit quiet With death on their minds A
slow dusk descending The drawing of blinds Make the hunters all line
up It's their idea of fun And let those be forgiven Who never owned a
gun Was it him or me Or the wailing of the dead The laughing soldiers
Cast their lots And you can cut the dread.

Like a weasel in the clover You tilt toss
pop turn over Sit down Tremble and weave like a moth By flame deceived
Sit down Spill with your words caught up Dance in your room Slide like
you're buttered up Roll back the tomb Sit down Bolt scuff jilt chase
circle riddle Shake in haste Sit down When the thunderclouds sound
Ants scatter to high ground.

Groove Dub
Imitate that soured old song There is
no individuality Only guises Shades of Nonconformity There is no
individuality Selling vantage points Low rate There is no
individuality Questions ancient No words claimed Perform motions
borrowed Thoughts following Ima tima ima tima intima Dation Respected
Head-he-go-round-men Gesture display Customer Limits appeal Media
dictates the latest Role Totalitarian Motions borrowed Selling vintage
points Low rate For you Media begged Suffered Numbers Pain.

Pit Viper
In the cruel garrison of affection If
worth of lore is true You know the face of a temptressA
witch or enchantressWith the malign venom of conceit She
tries Civil men Conceal fear Misgivings When night entreats them A
greater chill sustains Stains her Darkness Shall not inhibit death
blow Know this skin does not restrict her Tear and shed the coil Fall
of garland leaves Below the soil.

My Mother the War
She borders the pavement
Flanks avenues Parades pass white glove attended by My mother the war
She'll raise a shaft Lift a banner Toss a rose My mother the war She's
made every effort To salvage the few Bought fourteen liberty bonds My
mother the war Mother the war She knows every neighbor Chats at their
doors Compare econosize electric appliances my mother the war Share
tea and a seat By my cradle with My mother the war Mother the war
Caressing the globe Touch on his isle She wrings hands in pensive
waiting My mother the war Haunts her doorway Begs her postman Is there
word for My mother the war Momentos of distant vigil Three years each
tour "Hands of God enfold him" prayed My mother the war Mother the war
In bitter defiance She's spiting the corps She's wet a brood short
league for combat My mother the way Well acquainted with sorrow Left
millions in grief My mother the war Fold Laced Carrion Blood Soaked
Robes Mother the war.