Living In Darkness Lyrics

Too Young to Die
(lyrics + music by Mike P.)

I didn't expect them to know my name
Surrounding me like a black steel frame
I saw the world go up in flames
I just smiled and stood there, watching

It doesn't seem like this is real
I guess it's just the way I feel
I don't know why
But I've learned from all my mistakes
This time I will escape
I'm too young to die
We're all too young to die


Everything Turns Grey
(lyrics Mike P., music Mike P. + James L.)

Things don't seem to be as easy
As they used to be
It's getting harder everyday
To think of better things to say
About what's going on around you
And what's happening inside you
When it's time to change you won't know how
It won't matter years from now

No matter what you think
Or do or say
Everything turns grey

This is it, the darkest hour
Isn't it depressing
How our minds create an atmosphere
That won't happen here
Unless we make some new demands
To grasp the future in our hands
You know I wish we could but it's too late
For senseless minds that love to hate
No matter what they think
Or do or say
Everything turns grey



The Last Goodbye
(lyrics + music by Mike P.)

Someday someone somewhere somehow
Is going to make you understand
These words will drill into your head
You undergo the process then
You will do anything they say
They will have power over you
You will not question their authority
You know what they can do

I shake my head, I don't know what to say
I see my chance to turn and walk away
I will not be a part of this romance
I just can't take that chance
Because I see my opportunity to shout
The last goodbye

I bet you never did expect
To have a big important name
They all will have exquisite taste
But everyone will look the same
You will be quickly photographed
You will be shot from every side
They'll teach you what you need to learn
Then they will take you for a ride


No Such Thing
(lyrics + music by Mike P.)

You're kind of acting strange to me
You really shouldn't be so rude
I think I've seen you change your mind before
I've never seen you change your mood
Everybody get away from me
Don't everybody push and shove
Everybody stop asking me
I'm telling you I'm not in love

There's no such thing
It doesn't matter to me
I know there's no such thing
Isn't that a relief?
To know there's no such thing

Hey you! Snap out of it
It's time for you to act your age
No you're never going to get your way
So break into a screaming rage
A good excuse to start a non-stop teenage romance
Turning love into lust
I'm only looking for somebody to talk to
Or somebody I can trust


A Cry For Help In a World Gone Mad
(lyrics + music by Mike P.)

Sometimes I think of old friends
But they all seem the same
Then I see them and they can't remember my name
I guess I'm just like them
I guess I'm just a bore
I could hate them but I've never done that before
I've got lots of good friends
I don't need anymore

And sometimes when you lie to me
Sometimes I'll lie to you
And there isn't a thing you could possibly do
All these half-destroyed lives
Aren't as bad as they seem
But now I see blood and I hear people scream
Then I wake up
And it's just another bad dream

And I can't help myself by feeling sorry
Because I gave up every chance I had
Another movement
It's just another fad
Like a cry for help
In a world gone mad

(lyrics + music by Mike P.)

They can make things worse for me
Sometimes I'd rather die
They can tell me lots of things
But I can't see eye to eye
I know they know the way I think
I know they always will
But someday I'm gonna change my mind
Sometimes I'd rather kill

Blood stains, speed kills
Fast cars, cheap thrills
Rich girls, fine wine
I've lost my sense, I've lost control, I'm lost my mind

Things seem so much different now
The scene has died away
I haven't got a steady job
And I've got no place to stay
Well, it's a futuristic modern world
But things aren't what they seem
Someday you better wake up
From this stupid fantasy


Living In Darkness
(lyrics Mike P., music Mike P. + James L.)

Look at me now
I've got no reason to be like everybody else
So dumb, so happy
I like things that bite
Things that creep at night
Everybody's asking me what it's like down there
The concrete floor is cold
The walls are bare

I feel safest being alone
Living in darkness
Living in a world of my own

I'm so selfish doing everything by myself
I feel so cold
I wanna live to be a couple thousand years old
Ashes to ashes dust to dust
I thought I knew somebody that I could trust
Now I'm not so sure

I feel safest being alone
Living in darkness
Living in a world of my own

One whole lifetime I'm never gonna last
Unless I live until dying is a thing of the past
And all these girls I know out turning boys into men
I know I am never going down again
Never again

I feel safest being alone
Living in darkness
Living in a world of my own
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Living In Darkness