Stay Beautiful Lyrics

Find your faith in your security
All broken up at seventeen
Jam your brain with broken heroes
Love your masks and adore your

We're a mess of eyeliner and
spray paint
D.I.Y. destruction on chanel chic
Deny your culture of consumption
This is a culture of destruction

Don't wanna see your face
Don't wanna hear your words
Why don't you just

Babes on the run with poisoned
Wrap your arms 'round this
everlasting kiss
Clinging to your own sense of
All we love is lonely wreckage

Your school your dole and your
checkbook dreams
Your clothes your suits and your
pension schemes
Now you say you know how we feel
But don't fall in love 'cos we hate
you still


Destroyed by madness
Destroyed by madness
Destroyed by madness
Destroyed by madness
Anxiety is freedom