So Deep Within You Lyrics

(Mike Pinder)

Talk to me baby, I want to sleep at night
My heart is heavy, it's weighed down by the night.
And now I'm lonely, I want to see the light
So deep within you.

Cool wind is blowing through your crazy hair.
Warm colours flowing, this feeling we have shared.
And now I'm lonely I want tofeel the love
So deep within you.

Your love's a never-ending dream
A castle by a stream of sweet understanding
I know you're thinking of me too, the messages
>From you are my inspiration.

Love's incense lingers, it never fades away.
Like you I'm waiting for our special day.
And now I'm lonely I want to feelthe love
So deep within you

My love is burning, like a forest fire
My heart is yearning, I feel a warm desire.
And now I'm lonely I want to touch the fire
So deep within you.