Isn't It Quiet And Cold? Lyrics

Isn't it quiet and cold walking down the street alone?
Happened I missed the bus and found I had to walk, alone.
What was that?
Only me.
Hear the echo of my feet
Are they mine?
Hear the echoes of the street.
Wished I lived near at hand although I live alone, alone
At least I'll find company, so why should I moan, alone?
Catch my eye
Paper wind across the street
Curtains closed
Sleepy heads
Wrapped together in your beds
I used to walk with someone else
Didn't seem to notice sights and sounds of the lonely street.
I used to talk with someone else
Now the only answers are the calls of the night
Look at that alley cat winding home to rest, alone
Half-past four and daylight shows itself once more
Walking all alone
Walking all alone

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