To Kingdom Come Lyrics

``Fought for the party to kingdom come,'' sadly told his only son
``Just be careful what you do, it all comes back on you
False witness spread the news, somebody's gonna lose
Either she or me or you, nothing we could do''

``So don't you say a word or repeat a thing you heard
Time will tell you well if the truth truly fell
Tarred and feathered, yeah, thistled and thorned
One or the other,'' he kindly warned
``Now you look out the window, tell me what do you see?''
``I see a golden calf pointing back at me''

Well, they'd set their ... for so darn long, waiting for the end to come along
... or on the brink, I'd take a choice, swim or sink
False witness cast an evil eye, said I cannot tell a lie
Kings and saints don't bother me, I'm not alone you see