Pink Jazz Trancers Lyrics

you better watch out
i'm tellin' you why
just when you least expect it
just when you feel at ease
that's when you get selected
that's when they'll come you'll see
so many stray transmissions
there's nothing you can do
so many liquid rhythms
they'd fill a swimming pool
beamed from the highest mountain
nowhere left for you to go
they'll take you even higher
then you've ever been before
but there's no need to worry
first you'll dip into a dream
and in your mind it's coming
like so many bright ideas
it's all about to happen
it's way beyond fantastic
it's useless to resist it
when you're finally hit with
pink jazz trancers

jazz trance for u
wait just for a minute
lay down here next to me
jazz trance for u
no need for you to hurry
turn on the cable TV
jazz trance for u
let's close our eyes together
now can you see how good it's going to be!