Never Blame the Rainbows for the Rain Lyrics

(Justin Hayward/Ray Thomas)

Sailing along
The river of time
Adrift on dreams
Through midnight chimes
Positively frozen
Crystal waterfalls
The mountain of hope
Is there to be climbed
The sea of serenity
Is rightfully mine
Step on to the water
Knowing what is true

Never blame the rainbows for the rain
And learn to forget the memories
That cause yo pain
The last whispered wish of age
Is to live it all again
So never blame the rainbows for the rain

The beat of my heart
The rhythm of love
The earth that's beneath us
The heavens above
I can hear forever
Calling out to me
The changes we go through
Are making me strong
The shelter of friendship
Is where we belong
Look into the future
Knowing what we see


The whirlpool of doubt
Can spin you around
The wave of emotion
Takes you up
Pulls you down
Leaving far behind us
Sweet young passion's spray