It's Not Right Lyrics

baby baby baby hurt me bad baby baby
baby baby baby made me cry
baby i wanna die
somebody tell me where she's hiding out
i gotta find that cheatin' gal
can't go can't go can't go to sleep at night
can't sleep can't sleep it's not right
sunlight sunlight in my eyes
sunlight makes me rise
i can't sleep until my baby sez it's over
i gotta hear it face to face
i love you darlin' it's a cryin' shame
the way you run around like you're in a big game
i'm so unhappy i could cry every time i think about you boo hoo
baby baby baby please come back baby baby
i shoot around in a trance all day and think about you all the time
it's so unfair that you're so happy when i'm hurtin' inside oh