Blind Lemon Sam Lyrics

Lady Jane had a castle in Spain
Caviar and a second car
'cause she's married to a film star
Children they had, always good, never bad
Life's a peach, she had one of each
And a house beside the beach, oh Jane

You'd better wake yourself
and shake yourself on up
Look in a looking-glass
and see the past you know

So many fingers pull at the fabric of your dreams
and by the sundial it seems
time's come to live a real life

Blind Lemon Sam, he's a blues man
He lives in a shack by the rail track
and Janie's got her bags packed
She's moving in-- she believes she loves him
Life begun and they had some fun
and they made a lot of love and raised a son

You'd better pinch yourself
Convince yourself it's real
You'd better look around
at the happiness you found

Sam passed away and Janie cried all day
She turned for love to the Lord above
'cause that's all that she could think of to do