Country Grammar Lyrics

St. Louie
(Chorus: repeat 2X)
Mmmmm you can find me in
Where the gun play ring all day (nanana)
Some got jobs and some sell yea'
Others just smoke and fuck all day

I'm from the home of Red Fox, Ced the Entertainer
Jettin off with Brian Cox, I'll see ya later
Maybe not cuz I got somethin hot
In the Navigata, waitin in the parkin lot
A Bad Boy, on a Ryde Ruff-er than The LOX
I keep 'em both cocked, need her ass the bring it
Now tell me boys have ya seen her
Have you seen her, nine millimeter
Makin niggas believas
Hop out the two seater, now vocab wife beater
Levi's fresh from the cleaners
Heavy starch with the cuff
Like fuck it leave it to beaver
Catch me in the galleria, plaza, chesterfield
Rollin down handly hills
In a black sedan and ville
I used to love it when hit me for a rocker
Maybe a boppa, i kept it propa
A non-stopa, around the clocka
Now its cool pull up the bends and helicopta


Sunday mornin, crack of dawnn and I'm yawnin
Natural bridge and kings highway is where I'm goin
Wake up man and start blowin
Gotta get those juices flowin
Now I'm gonna tell ya one more time
For you cats that just ain't knowin
Hey, you can find me in
And the whole me fedy and leasy gettin slow
Grabin the optomo, sharpin up my flow
Practicin for my shows
Thats usually how it goes
We be ready to go, the chronic already rolled
Swing through O'Fallon sounds
Knockin out of control
Like a boom boom boom, who is it?
It's Jackie Frost, the one who's gettin where he at
And he told you whos the boss
I'm like a human hot sauce
Thinkin I'll burn your thoughts
Your information was false
I'll show you just what it costs
In the M I crooked letter crooked letter O U R I
No one could do it better, hey


Now in the middle we keep it crock and jiggy
Love Pac and Biggie
The way that you love your sticky
Call Louie he have you pissy
Mix with hen and crissy
Bumpin Tim and Missy
With Slim he used to diss me
In the red Expedishy
Thats Okay though, she can ride for the day though
Can't even be a house guest Kato
I'm a dog I said it rough
Now call me snoopy
Wouldn't have me in a hoopie
Now you see me in a coupie
In front of utopia, I'm hopin ya
Come down herd chippin, may I'm toastin ya
Thanksgiving in these parts yo we roastin ya
And when the heat come down
Get ghostin ya (god bless us)
Loax with us, just how he jokes with us
My daddy told me that I'm supposed to bust
Don't be provokin us
It ain't no joke in us
Just the north south east west coastin us

Chorus repeat until end (with talking)

Greed, Hate, Envy
I opened up shops in 13th
Dime, dubs, quarter sacks, and ooze
Hand held to digital to triple beam
I'm paid cuz my e-mail to 5th screen
Expanded my game to ? to Federal St
Looked around and had a small wall green
But tha word out on tha street is that u fucked wit my fiends
Them niggas around tha corner then let tha thing beam
Now they done let it burn out hop on tha thing thing
Just another hustle back on my street
Just another piece to my dreams
Plus tha house tha cars are modern dreams
I might ride tha range wit tha Roley on tha rocks
Or push a candy colored cutless wit a matchin T -shirt
When tha spot gets hot don't stop
Find another block and take it from tha top now

(Chorus) Repeat 2x
Greed, Hate, Envy for cake will do
Fuck tha game don't let tha game fuck you
Follow tha rules say cool and rock jewels
Greed, Hate, Envy for cake will do

So you think you good as shit nigga smell me
Shouts out to my nigga NORE
I'll never take another mans glory
Shit don't mix like Shaq and Kobe
Know you know me
I be low key
On these icey roleys Scob done showed me
And hoes adored me
Now they blow me
Them niggas that loaned me now they owe me
Oh me Oh my I can see tha greed and tha envy in yo eyes
Now call me a lie
While you five stare by I stand by tha caption
Hold please now did somebody page Samson
I stay cheap and hi than a hooker on tha weekends
Seven days a week
I walk in yo church freakin
Now Lester called me a heven old fish eyed fool
Bitch had tha nerve to repeat old fish eyed fool


One time out in tha Range Rover (Police sirens)
Ah shit they pulled me over
What tha hell y'all fuckin wit me fo
Speed limit 30 just doin 34
"Yeah son where tha gun"
It's at home wit tha dope
"You a smart ass ha"
Nah that's a lil joke
"How bout I tow yo truck in"
Ain't no need to revolt
Be sides everything in here already been smoked
I ain't got nothing but tapes and CDs
Pockets full of G's two tickets across sea
So me and my boo can lay under the palm tree
If there ain't no more question hand me my ID
You could tell he was bitch cause tha black in tha black range doin black
things wit his black change
Doin tha right thing
Drivin his ass insane
And if I wasn't in his face he probably be callin me names


Country Grammar

Hmm, I'm going down down baby yo street in a Range Rover
Street Sweeper baby cocked ready to let it go
Shimmy Shimmy cocoa wha listen to it now
Light it up and take a puff, pass it to me now

Hmm, I'm going down down baby yo street in a Range Rover
Street Sweeper baby cocked ready to let it go
Shimmy Shimmy cocoa wha listen to it now
Light it up and take a puff, pass it to me now

You can find me, in St. Louis rollin on dubs
Smoking dubs in clubs, blowin up like cocoa puff
Sippin Bud, gettin perved and getting dubbed
Daps and hugs, mean mugs and shoulder shrugs
And it's all because, accumulated enough stretch
Just to navigate it, fully decorated on chrome
And it's candy painted, fans fainted
While I'm entertaining, wild ain't it
How me and mugs, I hang with Hannibal Lector (Hot Shit)
So feel me when I bring it, sing it loud wha
I'm from the Loop and I'm proud
Run a mile for the cause
I'm righteous above the law
Playa my style's raw
I'm "Born to Mack" like Todd Shaw
Forget the fame, and the glamour
Give me D's wit a rubber hammer
My grammar be's ebonics, gin tonic and chronic
Fuck bionic it's ironic, slammin niggas like Onyx
Lunatics til the day I die
I run more game then the Bulls and Sonics

Chorus 2X

Who say pretty boys can't be wild niggas
Loud niggas, O.K. Corral niggas
Foul niggas, run in the club and bust in the crowd nigga
How nigga, ask me again it's going down nigga
Now nigga, come to the circus and watch me clown nigga
Pound nigga, what you be givin when I'm around nigga
Frown niggas, talkin shit when I leave the town nigga
Say now, can you hoes come out to play now
Hey I'm, ready to cut you up any day now
Play by, my rules boo and you gon' stay high
May I, answer yo third question like hey I
Say hi, to my niggas left in the slamma
From St. Louis to Memphis
From Texas back up to Indiana, Chi-Town
K.C. Motown to Alabama
L-A, New York Yankee niggas to Hotlanta, Louisiana
All my niggas wit
Smokin blunts in Savannah
Blow thirty mill like I'm Hammer

Chorus 2X

Let's show these cats to make these milli-ons
So you niggas quit acting silly, mon
My +Kid+ quicker than +Billy+, mon
Talking really and I need it mon, foes I keep filly mon
'Specially off Remi, mon, keys to my Beemer, mon
Holla at Beenie Man, see me, mon
Cheifin rollin deeper than any mon, through Jennings mon
Through U-City back up to Kingsland, wit nice niggas
Sheist niggas, who snatch yo life nigga, trife niggas
Who produce and sell the same beat twice, nigga, ice nigga
All over close to never sober
From broke to havin dough, 'cause my price Range is Rover
Now I'm knockin like Jehovah
Let me in now, let me in now
Bill Gates Donald Trumph let me in, we spin now
I got money to lend my friends now, we in now
Candy Benz, Kenwood and 10"s now (Whoo!)
Fuckin lesbian twins now
Seein now, through the pen I make my ends now

Chorus 2X

Steal The Show
(City Spud)
Yo, 'for the nigga mention my name I let him know the deal
I'm the nigga, same nigga, thought was a lame nigga
Now I push a Range nigga, you know the name nigga
Peep the Iceberg jeans, the ice chain nigga
And if I got beef I let the whole world know it
So if you got beef let the whole world know it
Yaun take it to the streets let the whole world know it
It's the chance for your big career, don't blow it
Or get it blown from the top gun nigga
I ain't finished talkin 'bout it 'till ya top gone nigga
Dissin my crew you catch hot ones
I'm hot son, yo that's why I carry hot guns
I'm on a beach in L.A. fuckin fly misses
While you niggas at the crib tryna' find misses
Yo I'm gettin head from the Mexican dime bitches
Them niggas mad 'cause they riches ain't like my riches

(Murphey Lee)
A yo, I'm Murphey Lee the school boy
The civilized jewel boy
I got not one, two, three, four, five, but six whores
For equality, vocal ??? and wallabies
I smoke la like ??? it got me boomin like bad-a-bing
Rap, don't gotta sing 'cause I get my hum on
Actually I get hummed on
Hoes tongues be on my dong dong
??? long, head at night, head in the morn
Lunatic, five strong, king kong's are writin songs
Cats be gettin gone thinkin they got it goin on
Folks brought you a brawl, it all started in ya home
Check the background, St. Louis clown from the U-Town
Fourteen, pimp of the year like Dru Down
Same crew now, it's too damn quiet but too loud
Hoes be pretendin always sayin they too proud
If I ruled the world, I do now
Me and the 'Tics 'bout to rack 'em and move the crowd

(Hook - Lunatics) 2x
Call the cops, I see a robbery in progress
Lunatics about to steal the show
(Where you from?)
From the S-T-L, M-O, 3-1-4

I rip grass and smash, with a 44 mag
This nigga jag, from the front to the back I heard it crash
Nigga ??? ??? hurt 'em bad, you heard him laugh
Talkin trash 'bout whoopin my ass
I never let a nigga do that, who that
Get his brains blew back with a new gat
Yellin "true that", hollowtips is goin cleeeeean through that
And I didn't have to get my whole team just to do that
In a blue hat, with a black baggy Karl Kani
An iced out ring just to score on your eye
Hard to die, like Bruce, Lee get a victory
Cats is sick like H-I-V if they feelin weak
We be ??? ???, Jackie Frost, ??? ???
Danny Terrio, ???? shows to the Motorola
Money hold up, whippin the Rover, high roller dog
What you holdin, I'm paid, so controllin y'all
Yiggidy yes y'all like Das EFX, I's be next
To rep that Midwest, it's sets and projects

Now once Keyaun say hit the safe, raise the stakes
'Tics in fifty states, might as well blaze the cake
I got moves to make, transactions to handshakes
Drugs for papes, now I'm sellin CDs and tapes
Funerals and wakes caused by greed and hate
A snake is still a snake no matter the size or shape
Those that hate, anchored with weights, found in the lake
Come off the chain my main, you tied to the gate
First you caught a case, second you caught the babes
Third, you caught me with your date, that was no mistake
Good things come to those who wait
So if you waitin on them 'Tics, huh, they gon' be late
In your house with your spouse I'm doin the nasty
I'm a felon, ask Jay, I rob industries and ashtrays
Branson and hashy, ??? ??? and wrap somethin
And burn the place, ya heard me

Watch me load up the ammo, cock it back slow
In the back door, infrared low
Tell me somethin that I don't already know
Like, which one of these closets contain cash flow
Got three little problems I just thought you should know
Peep, I'm addicted to 'yes' and I'm allergic to 'no'
I'm obsessed with dough, money makin and the hoes
Anything other than satisfaction gon' blow
Heard through the grapevine you lookin for me
Couldn't be, 'cause if it was you would be bookin from me
Shook when ya see Nelly rollin in the GS-3
Hangin out the sunroof like "bing, bing, bing"
Back the car up, pop the trunk now
Can ya hold ya breath 'cause I'ma flood this town
That ass scream "nine-second-five right here"
Neighbors on the lawn like "Nelly, why right here"

(Hook) 1 1/2x

Ride Wit Me
Where they at (8X)

If you wanna go and take a ride wit me
wit three women in the fo' with the gold D's
Oh why do I live this way? (Hey, must be the money!)

If you wanna go and get high wit me
Smoke a L in the back of the Benz-y
Oh why must I feel this way? (Hey, must be the money!)

In the club on the late night, feelin right
Lookin tryin to spot somethin real nice
Lookin for a little shorty I noticed so that I can take home
(I can take home)
She can be 18 (18) wit an attitude
or 19 kinda snotty actin real rude
But as long as you a thicky thicky thick girl you know that it's on
(Know that it's on)
I peep something comin towards me on the dance floor
Sexy and real slow (hey)
Sayin she was peepin and I dig the last video
So when Nelly, can we go; how could I tell her no?
Her measurements were 36-25-34
I like the way you brush your hair
And I like those stylish clothes you wear
I like the way the light hit the ice and glare
And I can see you boo from way over there


Face and body front and back, don't know how to act
Without no vouchers on her boots she's bringin nuttin back
You should feel the impact, shop on plastic
when the sky's the limit and them haters can't get past that
Watch me as I gas that, fo' dot six Range
Watch the candy paint change, everytime I switch lanes
It feel strange now
Makin a livin off my brain, instead of 'caine now
I got the title from my momma put the whip in my own name now
Damn shit done changed now
Runnin credit checks with no shame now
I feel the fame now (come on), I can't complain now (no more)
Shit I'm the mayne now, in and out my own town
I'm gettin pages out of New Jersey, from Courtney B.
Tellin me about a party up in NYC
And can I make it? Damn right, I be on the next flight
Payin cash; first class - sittin next to Vanna White

(Chorus) x2

Check, check yo, I know somethin you don't know
And I got somethin to tell ya
You won't believe how many people, straight doubted the flow
Most said that I was a failure
But now the same motherfuckers askin me fo' dough
And I'm yellin, "I can't help ya"
"But Nelly can we get tickets to the next show?"
Hell no (what's witchu?!) you for real?!

Hey yo, now that I'm a fly guy, and I fly high
Niggaz wanna know why, why I fly by
But yo it's all good, Range Rover all wood
Do me like you should - fuck me good, suck me good
We be them stud niggaz, wishin you was niggaz
Poppin like we drug dealers, simply cause she butt-naked
Honey in the club, me in the Benz
Icy grip, tellin me to leave wit you and your friends
So if shorty wanna... knock, we knockin to this
And if shorty wanna... rock, we rockin to this
And if shorty wanna... pop, we poppin the Crist'
Shorty wanna see the ice, then I ice the wrist
City talk, Nelly listen; Nelly talk, city listen
When I fuck fly bitches; when I walk pay attention
See the ice and the glist'; niggaz starin or they diss
Honies lookin all they wish - come on boo, gimme kiss

(Chorus) x2

Hey, must be the money! (x4)


Uh.. uh uh uh uh
Uh.. wait a minute now
Uh, uh..
Can you hear me out there?
Lunatics.. is y'all ready?
Let me hear ya

I'ma sucka for corn rows and manicured toes (hey)
Fendi capri pants and Parasuco's (alright)
Passadity ?? city, with one or two throws
I'm droppin 'em outta high school straight into the pros
Who knows? I know!
And I love it when you make your knees touch your elbows
And break it down low to the flo', and there you go
Now throw it on me slow
And everytime I +Busta Rhyme+, baby "Gimme Some Mo'"
You say you like that, when I hit it from behind
And I'll be right back; yeah that's my very next line
I use it - time after time, when I'm speakin my mind
It's no matter if I'm shootin game to a pigeon or dime
I ask her, "Who dat is, talkin that shit about the 'tics?"
Somebody probably jealous cause they bitch got hit
But ain't nobody else droppin shit like this
Should we apologize? Nah fuck 'em, just leave 'em pissed, HEY!

(Chorus) x2
Andele andele mami,
Uh-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What's happenin now?
Andele andele mami,
Uh-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! If the head right, Nelly there ery'night

We can gamble to the break of dawn, nigga
Money long, nigga
Pass up the skirt to talk to the thong, nigga
Some say I'm wrong, but fuck it I'm grown, nigga
If you ain't bout money then best be gone, nigga
I'm fast (uh) double takes when you walk past me
Nasty, don't be scared boo, go 'head and ask me
I drive fastly, call me Jeff Gord-on
In the black SS with the naviga-tion
See the joint blaz-on, somethin smells amaz-on
I got a chick rollin up, half black and asi-an
Another one pag-in, tellin me to come home
Her husband on vacation and left her home alone
I used the V-12, powers; weight loss, powers
From +Phat Farm+ to +Iceberg Slim+ in one shower
Get a room in Trump Towers just to hit the P hours
Kicked the bitch up out the room cause she used the word ours, HEY!


Aiyyo I smash-mouth a whole ounce, of that sticky
Wash my hands under a gold spout, when feelin icky
Let go off in a ho's mouth, I ain't picky
Start frontin when the shows out - whatchu mean?!
Twenty inches when they roll ouuuuuuut - come and get me
Big faces when they fold ouuuuuuut - is you wit me?
Don't make me pull that fo'-fo' ouuuuuuut
I keep it closer when the dough ouuuuuuut
Then I slide up in the Escalade
Me and E gettin solid like the Ice Capades
And me and Heezy - frosty, project mo' wrapped up than Bugsy
You understand me, wrapped wrists like mummies
If you compare me to your local grocery
Then you'll see I got more carrots/karats than "Aisle D"
More bread than "Aisle G", then bag and scan me
+Sure+ like +Al B.+, meet the 'tics in Maui, HEY!


St. Louis y'all, uh, uh
Uh, can you feel that?
Lunatics y'all, uh, uh
Uh, uh, Uncle Phil up above y'all, uh, uh
Yell it universal y'all, uh, uh
Uh, uh, chillin chillin chillin with the crew y'all

(Chorus till fade...)

Thicky Thick Girl
See now you could be a lady or a bitch now
Still, Your thicky thicky thicky thick
Lookin like a lolli-pop waitin for the lick girl
Your thicky thicky thicky thick
Remind me of my 6-4 waitin at the switch girl
Your thicky thicky thicky thick
Could be a crime that im waiting to commit girl?
Your thicky thicky thicky thick

(Murphy Lee)
So basically I'm a joke right?
Look me in the eyes and tell me if you don't lie
When are you that shoes untied before you know it method
First step we getting naked, pants gone in 20 seconds
It's gettin hectic
Reckage is likea hoopty hittin shawns
But it seems im behind schedule with broad troubles twistin
& pullin
Im like shorty help me (come on)
Help me (please) don't blow my high, cause I'm too horny
She giggles and gives a horny smile...
so i take advantage
Kisses in gentle places tryin to get myself established
I'm comfortable, wanna be in that moe
With no control
Concentrating on my relay her every blow
Yo', I'm still cold
But cooler than 2 below
And now I got that wrong in the past You'll never know
Put my penis in accurate
Just relaxing it
Now it's my time to party like the lunatics at an ?


Now comes first like the front porch and the polo shirts
Skirts there they are thats the one cause Im far
From Average Lane with that "What's your name?" game
I'm stormin on your brain like a surgeon in the rain
Take the fame if can
Watch me wrap like saran
All up in this shit now
You want me like a tan
Live in me like a van
In reverse that's the worst
Playa curse put up on me now
We spreadin on my hommies like a germ
Watch me turn into captain kill a hoe
Fill a hoe strong
Watch me last long like a penny broke many motels
i got a rich coupon
I'm doing dismounts on foutons
Comin out like Key won
I feel like ceramic in a hammoc
God damn it
Thats my words
Oohs and Aahs Slurred like a verb
Someone acting like an ass like a metaphor
Now I'm headed for the highways
Selling me by's sideways


Selling shit out to they ears
Hot tones and telephones
Just to get they bezzle home
Gonna watch my bedrock like flinstones
Son too strong
Try to smoke your sack is fatty sonic
Drive me nuts like planters
Harpin a nigga like offalana(swish)
I ban ya from the smoke house church
Who you think you fuckin with?
Trying to play me like ?
Pull some dumber and dumber shit
Stomp me like a step show (grab ho)
Then i let go (throw) split
That ass like g-strings up on these rat hoes
i pose as a threat
to hit any one of these niggas rats
Split some game and get them burnt
Gonna watch this tag team like free bird
Say the word
I be at rats with all my partners
Straight loungin with a pocket full of rubbers and have it
go make the announcment
Smoke like dynamite the good times
Want both girls like prime time
Want real highs and thick thighs take pride in my stylin
Head bustin you be drivin
Got 'em bangin the walls so hard te neighbors callin
Asking you whats

CHORUS (begins)

Going on over there
Sounds like you guys are going CRAZY
Going going gone


For My
{*talking through megaphone*}
Yo, uh, you didn't see this one comin did ya
All the way from the N.O. to S.T.L.
Nelly-Nel and Lil' Wayne

On a scale one to ten I be rated a 12 (right!)
You know it and these cats hate it
I got nothing outdated
If it is it's self rated
S-class wit everything voice-activated
Chrome rim three bladed, factory custom made it
Paid wit big faces; if it's broke then replace it
Now it's like that; Purple Haze and Cognac
On tha beach in L.A. with dime bitches ridin my back

[Lil' Wayne]
I represent them street niggas
When they get hot, carry the heat niggas
Them sweet niggas off they feet niggas
You livin on the edge Fleet nigga
That's why my clique we do or die and roll deep nigga
Ain't nothing sweet nigga, recognize the bloody clothes
Ready to represent the Grove wit two calicoes
I carry 4's in my side pocket
While yours cock a nigga mind poppin
Walk through you house wit my iron now when

Chorus: Nelly (repeat 2X)

This is for my niggaaassss
Who be keepin it tight
Only lovin dime bitches that fuck on the first night

This is for my bitchessss
Wit the style and grace
Who ain't hear nothing talkin but the Benjamin face

I ain't bullshittin I trick em and run up in they kitchen
And she ain't a nonadeada my niggas then I'm splitin
Get a code-red hop in the Jag and fled
Pump +Nore+ number six, "bitch give me some head"
And for you niggas out there who be jacking the wrist
Got a new group for ya, Nina Ross and the Clips
And from the hip I shoot, if you wanna get loot
Bout ta tell ya the truth
I'm more focused I'm born in the Lou'


[Lil' Wayne]
I ain't no busta nigga
Came up out that Holly Grove dungeon nigga
Flame up and toast let it get sparkin up in here
You don't make out alive very often up in here
I'ma speak on behalf of the C.M.B. partna
I'm a sweep off ya air if its standing beef partna
I skeet off a bag of the dilly-D partna
Slip me on a mask hit the Benz wit three choppers
Weezy-wez partna

Four karats in my earring, five around my knuckle
Six wrap the wrist, check the belt buckle
Leave them wit it look like Nelly I didn't know
If you was the Jackie Frost why didn't you say so
Somebody gotta shine my nigga why not me
Even my dentist told me floss 7 days a week
Freeza brought out the piece Gucci and hat sweet
Butter soft leather seats for trash talkin' freaks


This is for my niggaaaaaaaasssssssss

{*talking through megaphone*}
Uh, uh, ha bet ya no were ready for that one hu, ha, ha
We know ya didn't see that one comin
Uh, uh ee-yah
Uh, uh wodie

Utha Side
I said you don't really wanna go, I can tell
But I'm gone take you anyway what the hell
So come on get on in the ride
And let me take you to the other side x2

Inhale exhale I heard you're your clientele I'm doing well
I see your woman out in the STL
She's a fine honey that's ?
I heard you even got a child now (look at that)
A baby momma and a bow-wow
My nigga know you need to calm down
F-for County run up in your house
But you don't wanna hear that though, it's too late
Now the feds knocking at your door, you took the bait
They got taps on your mobile phone
They do surveillance all around your home
Now you're piling everything you own
Calling on your partners for a loan
No more slip and sliding on the chrome
Your good days have come and gone
I tried to tell you

Now baby girl what's your name?
And tell me what's your claim to fame
Oh I can tell you do your thing
Just by checking out your diamond ring
I see you at the mall every day
Buying shanelle, fendi, Donna K
Plus I heard they took your job away
And that you keep your shit on lay away
You got a four-five in Philly D you living large
Like your last name was Kennedy or El' Debarge
Oh I just can't believe, that you made that money richeously
The kids asking what they mommy do
And why she lock us in the bedroom
I think mommy getting paid to screw
Cause every night it's a different dude
I tried to tell

Little man how old are you (you can tell me)
And what you doing skipping school
I see you running with your lil' crew
Y'all be fighting over read and blue
So now you wanna claim gangs
Even heard you bought a (?) that ain't it
You started out with chronic on the grain
Now you're smoking other fettamain
I ain't trying to sway your dreams
Just trying to show you, that's it's other ways to make cream
(Take it from me)
Just go to school and make something of
Your young life and watch it blow up
You ain't gotta stop being cool
Don't even gotta stop flosin' fancy jewels (and fast cars)
Just keep it real with your game son
And don't forget were you came from
I'm trying to tell ya

(chorus x4 to a fade)

Tho Dem Wrappas
Uhh, I boss thru in a Hummer, Murphy the Don, Lizzie, Keyuan
With the Best thunder than Shaun Jon, you don't want None
??? like Batter up and leavin heads swolle up
On top of all that, I got the rap sewed up
Hold up, with the budda thumpin' niggaz Qouta
And just the teach a lesson, I put one in ya shoulder
I told ya, 'Tics live for the street life
Eat Right, Fuck good, And reffer thru the Pipe
And give me head all night
And if its some beef, I pumpin lead on sight
until they deceased
I took ya head off right
I live in the Beast
Nigga, where the Feds, Play ???
I still floss ice, keep it tight
E-very time, call me the Black Liberace when I'm playing mine
Thats how I flo, ??? when i get mine, any way it go
Whether it be rapping or with the 4-4

(Chorus) x2
Let's make a Million
Keep it real for Triple-0
Eyes low, from plenty Henny and Hydro
Fuck a bitch and some Clothes
I gotta get rich, Go platinium in 2 shows
And get the Dough....

My nigga, I can make a million
blind-folded, with no shows
using no flows, just Arm -n- Hammer
And folk O's
Gimmie low does and a Connect, that neva closed
And watch me lock it down from North County to BenRos
Fuck some Mo-Mo's, Gimmie hundereds with soft chrome
On the Navigata equipped to click and log on
I leave that before its gone
'Fore they even bring it home
Matta Fact, I'll tell you whats in the back, its all gone
Two holes in the roof, to let the sun come in
Match it leather carseat, in case my son get in
I spare one off in the back in case he bring his friend
Playstation just in case a nigga think he can win

(Chorus) x2
Let's make a Million
Keep it real for Triple-0
Eyes low, from plenty Henny and Hydro
Fuck a bitch and some Clothes
I gotta get rich, Go platinium in 2 shows
And get the Dough....

I gotta make a million
Gotta get myself a million
Gonna turn that into a billion
If not, then I just won't die

I say now, Tho yo wrappers off in tha air
But only if the ice on your wrist cause glares
I gettin stares from down bitches, thats eatin alone
West missies, 1-2-3-4 or 5 bottles of Cris's
on the Table, arms the strong ripp off the Label
No more shows for free, I'm pay-per-view like Cable
They all screamin my name, different shades and race
Take them all backstage and lett'em plead they case
Make a million like Jigga, standin in one place
Sound Scan like Thrilla with out changing my face
They threw ??? plan B says..
- Who says ???
Then whats plan A, cause plan B is a BOMB case

(Chorus) x2
Let's make a Million
Keep it real for Triple-0
Eyes low, from plenty Henny and Hydro
Fuck a bitch and some Clothes
I gotta get rich, Go platinium in 2 shows
And get the Dough....

I gotta make a million
Gotta get myself a million
Gonna turn that into a billion
If not, then I just won't die

All my Midwest niggaz tryin to make a meal,
Tho Dem Wrappas ( And the Dough-O )
All my Dirty South niggaz tryin to make a meal,
Tho Dem Wrappas ( And the Dough-O )
All my West Coast niggaz tryin to make a meal,
Tho Dem Wrappas ( And the Dough-O )
All my East Coast niggaz tryin to make a meal,
Tho Dem Wrappas ( And the Dough-O )

Wrap Sumden
[Chorus] x2
Hey this is no lie
Me and my niggas gettin high
Yo if you look up in the sky
You might see us floating by

You see Biggie be like what's beef?
Me I'm like what's weed?
Weed is actually a medicine for me, you know.
Every 4 hours like a prescription I smoke.
And I'm thanking my refer chief for making me choke.
I'm like one of those half-baked thugs, I'm in love.
Then after that roll cool "J's" I mean bud.
Cause I still piss stems and still shit seeds,
I spit residue smoke on my way to buy weed.
Wrap Sumden, always I smoke more then Cheech and Chong.
My best friends a bong and my homies a smokaholic.
I know one day, I'm gone stop,
but that'll be the day when my seeds don't pop.
You see weed helps me get my thoughts together quick.
But on the other hand, as soon as I'm sober I forget.
Shit, I'm still stuck at point "A" ya dig,
and my momma think that I should quit.

Chorus 2X

Ya I get high.
You might see me stroll by
in the Bob Marley tie die with the red eye.
I'm sick now.
I think I'm catching glaucoma.
See me on the corner, looking for weed donars.

You know how we do it kid. We get that good herb and swerve.
Till the gas run out, the way we smokes absurd.
That's my word, (Wrap Sumden),
make a nigga clap somthing, get all mad and slap somthing.

Yo grab the towels cover the smoke alarms and doors.
See I somke alone, I need grass like lawn mowers.
Say dutch time, roll up it's clutch time,
and I burn mine, don't you ever ever touch mine.

Fire it up dog, but watch out for 5-0.
Eyes blowed fuck plenty henny and hydro.
Fuck a bitch and some clothes, I gotta get rich
gold platinum and do some shows and get blowed.

Chorus 2X

All I know, is money making hoes and smoking endo.
If I wasn't high I'd probably know a little more,
but since I don't some might consider me slow.
Don't worry though.
I keep the pants sag. Bubble eye hands rag.
Eyes glassed smoking fill from the hash.
Choking after that but don't the blunt pass.
"What we doin' today" Same shit we did last week.
Wake up in the morning and yawn and roll up.
Bag up and make some runs and roll up.
5-0 behind me my niggas so hold up.
Ok made a left so continue to roll up.
Don't get me wrong police, yo I stop for them,
but when they leave guaranteed I'll be smoking again.
Catch my second wind and start in on my next bag.
The type of nigga smoke on the way to his rehab.

Chorus 2X



Batter Up
*Sports personalities*
Welcome ladies and gentlemen
This is Mark... oh-Who-gives-a-fuck from '93 TV
This is my co-host, Bob Buttafuoco
(Hey hey guys) Yeah yeah yeah
We got a crowd that's in a frenzy Bob
Let's go down to the announcers for the start of the game

*Stadium announcer*
And now.. please rise for the singing of our national anthem

*paraphrasing "The Jeffersons"*
I say the fish don't fry in the kitchen
Beans don't burn on the grill (that's right)
It took a whole lot of tah-ryin
Just to get up that hill
I said but now we're up in the BIG LEAGUES
My dirty it's our turn at bat
And just as long as we livin, it's Lunatics playa
It ain't nuttin wrong with that, huh - batter up

St. Lunatics-
I'm the first to swing
I'ma run with that give-me-what-you-got thing, hot wings
Fuck a dub, smoke an ounce, show me love
Hit the club, me and T-Luv holla what
I put my mack down, she throw a curve ball
She owed Milli smoked that herb and some Llly-bone
She tip-top 'em, Optimo
First base, god livin like a worst race
First chase, throw yo' people and yo' kind
Second lesson, smoke that herb and clear yo' mind
It's about time, second base wisdom rhyme
Sittin strong, skipped third base and headed home
Third baseman just don't understand baby what the bong
What the fuck wrong, with this world today
With these girls today, diamonds and pearls the way
You wasn't fuckin with me, leave, for the wrap that's in my seed
Now you stays on yo knees cause we's be in the big league
Cause we's be in the big leauge


Well you should see me now, I'm eatin Wheaties now
I'm stealin second and third and lookin home peepin greedy now
See me now, people call me speedy now
Known for runnin the quickest miles
hit and run in any town, any ground
Rules 'fore I hit it, split it, lick it and quit it
And hit it, lick it, did I say lick it, (yeah) fuck it, lick it
Ain't no shame in my game, that normal shit ain't my thang
If I stick with my dick then put your mouth on my brains
I maintain through the atmosphere, what we got here
A sucka in fear, hear the roars and the cheers
From the crowd when I take the mile, let me show 'em how
Hit the ball on the ground and make 'em get down


*Sports personalities*
Well uhh this next young batter on deck
He's still in high school (yeah I heard that)
(It's a great day though)
A good high school out in U-City of St. Louis, Missouri
(I think his name's umm, who knows..
Mur-uhh, Murphey Lee or somethin)

Murphey Lee-
I want my name not, not said but screamed
I went from fantasies to dreams, dreams to bigger things
I'm like Bennett I been in it since, ninety-three
You can tell cause my L angle 90 degrees
I'ma sixteen year-old school boy, platinum skills
Swear to tell the real, the whole real to make a mill'
I lie little but still, talk straight up like motto
I could tell you somethin now, you think twice about it tomorrow
I promise, I gets deeper than file cabinets when rappin
Money, money, money, money what's happenin
I'm comin up like family members in basements, and I stay bent
Make a milli to play with, buy a building you can pay me
And the 'tic is who I came with
You know how we do, we do, we do, we do, we do, we do


Never Let Them C U Sweat
That Gangsta
That Gangsta
on the tips

I was forced to live the crazy life
Y'all niggas don't understand what a day be like
But a son know my Pop's didn't raise me right
When Hennedy don't pay me right
No Baby wipes
Keep the 3-80 tight
The Mercedes dyke
On a shady night
Y'all niggas is lady like
Blow for niggas that'll watch your arm
Run in your crib pop your Mom
Like bitch with stocks and bonds
In the studio a thug wanna lock your calm
Tell a nigga I'm like flex I drop the bomb
You come to war with a switch blade
Get laid
Nigga Imma spit the gauge at your rib cage
We thugged out
Y'all niggas is bitch made
You pick Jay they North white the shit grade
Yor cousin looks mad ready to let the clips spray
Out of a week I stay in a lab for 6 days

(Chorus) x2
I run my right guard incase my shot ain't handy
Speed stickin' me and mine
I turn it up a degree
Your secrets still kept
Never let em see you sweat

I'm second to none nigga
Yo I'm lettin my gun
Pull this trigger shit off the window
Through the head of your son
I've been runnin' like 20 miles
I ain't sweatin' for fun
Yo it's hard to be a team when the second is one
Cause I follow very
Wanna wife like Halle Berry
Yeah I ain't tryna be locked up under consolitary
Like it don't stop
Nigga I stop for food
How you gonna pop a nigga that pop for you
Hushed out in the drop top
Aqua blue
Get the bitch screamin' "Please, Please, not my boo"
My revolver shook like I deal with smart crook
You know the name
Switch up the game like Garth Brooks
Like ten cars with tire, hoes and and winstars
I been hard through hell better sing God
Diminish, I'm a bull dog, breathing British
You ain't site cause your night show is all about your image

(Chorus) x2

I've seen on the bricks of the little front
At colorses, check the ashtrey that hold the blunts
We hustling, I do the push ups and the sit ups nigga
Get muscular
Just incase you let your lips slip up
I'm bustin ya
Never let em see you sweat
Yeah that's my motto
Catch em in the club get wrecked
With the bottle
The silencer behind his neck
The others follow
Show them you ain't bullshittin
and you ain't hollow
I saw you talkin' to that chick
Up over there
I heard you ask her why she on my dick
yeah, yeah
I heard it all before ya dig
Next thing y'all tellin me none of y'all put that on my fuckin' kid
What you think this is
I'm the reason they invented the whole navigational system
So niggas can't find they trucks and they women when I'm with em
Like I catch em in linen
And then I flip em and run up in em
Send her back to him
And go to his house and blow him with her


Never let em see you sweat
Never let em see you sweat
Never let em
Never let em
To to play this hit out nigga
How nigga!

Lovin Me
Ay yo ma, how you doin, it's ya son now
And I picked up the mic and put the drugs down
Now I'm tryin to do some things that'll make you proud
Instead of everytime I call it's to bail me out
Oh why didn't I listen to things you used to tell me
Knowin that everything that you said would never fail me
Like 'they got plans for ya
Ain't nothin I can do when them laws get they hands on ya'
But I ain't listenin, even payin attention
I'm just tryna get mine
Takin advantage, you would get two jobs at the same time
Ungrateful, complainin about Nike and Polo signs
But you always come through, and what do I do
I wreck both ya cars, stole money from ya drawers
Sold dope out ya yard, stayed into with them laws
Tryin to pay you back for all the stress that I caused
And always be there to give you whatever you want

(Don't stop ever lovin me)
Uh, uh, I said whatever you need
(Don't stop ever lovin me)
Uh, uh, I said you don't have to worry no more
(Don't stop ever lovin me)
Uh, uh, uh, 'cause ya son will be there for you
(Don't stop ever lovin me)
Uh, uh, uh

Now verse two, yeah that's for you boo
I send ya props 'cause you the only one that stuck through
When I'm upset and stressed you give me back rubs
When I'm depressed you give me head off in the bathtub, E-I!
On ya P's and Q's, on ya Q's and P's
You hear my beeper goin off and you just throw me my keys
Ain't even askin me yo is it coochie or G's
And for that reason now you can ask me for anything
Not a for real smoker but you choke with me
Not too hot about the drinkin but you toast with me
Livin at ya granny house you kept the dope for me
And wouldn't hesitate to go to court for me
Need money, my boo'll go and work the avenue
My boo'll fuck you up if I ask her to
That's why I do the things I do
And I will always be there to give you whatever you want

(Don't stop ever lovin me)
Uh, uh, I said whatever you need
(Don't stop ever lovin me)
Uh, uh, I said I don't wanna lose you no
(Don't stop ever lovin me)
Uh, uh, uh, 'cause you're my boo and my only one
(Don't stop ever lovin me)
Uh, uh, uh

I'm doin this one here for Shaun Haynes, Lashando and J.D.
D Quick, both G's, and fatty
My nigga Lil' Earv, Gino, and Poochie
And everybody ??? ??? you couldn't ??? me
Young ???, Pooh and Big Baby
Rio, J.T. and big Money
Herky Jerk, ??? and Cold E
J.E., ??? and Calby
And all my soldiers down at ??? Brown on Monday
My Lunatic fam, Keyuan, Murphy Lee
???, T-Love and big Lee
Yellow Mack, slow down, Corny B
The rest of my niggas up in the N.Y.C.
And without Trail, Kuda and Coach it just wouldn't be
And I will always be there to give you whatever you want

(Don't stop ever lovin me)
I said whatever you need
(Don't stop ever lovin me)
'Cause y'all my niggas for life you know
(Don't stop ever lovin me)
You can always smoke with me

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